The wedding of the popular First Date at the Altar program this year is divided into two episodes.

So far, we have seen Emma and Tuomas and Kati and Janne get each other.

In the next episode, Mira and Matti as well as Jews and Tommi will spend their weddings.

The episode can already be seen in C More.

After the first meeting, it’s hard to say with certainty what the future holds for couples.

But you can always start analyzing and speculating.

Which of the couples holds the wild card of the season?

What about a cool card?

We Women found out what the strengths and weaknesses of married couples are.

Kati and Janne

The encounter between Katin, 29, and Jannen, 33, is immediately conveyed by their physical chemistry.

They kiss a lot - of course, it’s their wedding day.

Both are energetic as well as social.

Admittedly, the balance glows with such a balance that he does not necessarily leave to take every impulse.

She seems smooth, while Kati is more flashy and works more emotionally.

But there are always a lot of hidden emotions and situations hidden around the cameras.

After all, Kati and Janne's fast-paced start with kisses can also be a sign of excitement.

Some find it easier to express their feelings through action.

In any case, touching another person is a gesture that increases the flow of pleasure hormones.

Their happiness as well as interest in each other pushes through the screen to the viewer.

While their wedding day seems to melt into a romance, it doesn’t eliminate the risk of clashes in real life.

Especially the coexistence of two active people can require a lot of compromises as well as new practices in everyday life.

As the relationship progresses and the initial drug begins to subside, will Kati and Janne’s love last longer?

Season's hot card!

Emma and Tuomas

The wedding day of Emma, ​​26, and Tuomas, 29, looks completely different from the day of Kati and Janne, who were married in the same episode.

There are few romantic gestures.

First impressions are an important part of a relationship.

Thomas admits that he might not have noticed Emma if they had met elsewhere.

Emma, ​​for her part, desperately needs approval and asks the groom, among other things, what this thinks of her.

It will surely come to mind why the unsure Emma has applied for the program at all?

The excitement and all the other feelings are understandable especially at your own wedding.

But why is there so much emphasis on Emma?

His uncertainty gets too much frame time, and such shooting choices easily start to annoy the viewer - not to mention the spouse.

Will Tuomas' patience be enough in the future?

Tuomas does seem like a really relaxed and positively thinking spouse, but constant curiosity and expression of uncertainty can quickly exhaust another.

"Two bitches for the same price."

This is how Emma joked to Tuomas about herself and her dog.

The utterance shows that Emma has courage in addition to a sense of humor and she dares to say things out loud.

This couple has a good opportunity to develop into complementary, loving partners in everyday life as they get to calm down after the wedding hustle and bustle.

The wild card of the season!

Tuomas and Emma said I would. Picture: MTV 3

Warning: the text below contains plot revelations

Jews and Tom

The first encounter between Judith and Tom is at the same time a buddy partnership and a budding love drug.

On their wedding day, there are feelings that make the viewer’s skin on the chicken and even the corner of the eye wet.

Judith, 29, thoughts on the morning of the wedding day are moving, especially when he compares his future spouse to an onion:

- I will soon see the outermost layer of the onion and then it will gradually begin to peel.

In between, maybe a little weep.


 I will soon see the outermost layer of the onion and from it it will begin to peel.

In between, maybe a little weep.

Touching moments on their wedding day are experienced when Tommi, 36, performs a dance performance he owns for Judith.

Anyway, they take each other well into account and respect diversity.

The moods of this couple could also be called calm, confident and hopeful.

They also have similar ideas and each has their own, strong values.

In their first dates, for example, they talk about children: Tommi says he doesn’t want them, and that suits Judith.

They immediately have a natural, functional connection.

They know how to discuss things so that nothing is guaranteed to be left unsaid and in a toothache.

If you had to bet for one, this couple would be like that.

The duo has at least a promising start.

Finding a sufficient spark can be a challenge;

there is a danger that the relationship will remain at the level of friends.

However, the wedding day shows that they are already enjoying each other’s company immensely.

Value card of the season!

Jews and Tommi on their wedding day. Photo: MTV3

Mira and Matti

First dates at the altar The calmest atmosphere of the 2020 season is seen at Mira and Mati’s wedding.

The M team exudes satisfaction and happiness throughout the day.

Their presence sometimes seems even unreal diplomatic once they have gotten out of the tension.

It is useless to look for rudeness in this pair;

both are really flexible and friendly - at least in front of the cameras.

Mira, 32, does not miss the polite gestures of Matin, 35.

The groom works like a gentleman all day.

The family also welcomes the new mini very warmly.

But everyday shows how flexible they really are?

Do they both have an understanding of each other’s lifestyle and are they really as calm as they are at their wedding party?

Cool card of the season!

Mira and Matti, M-team of first dates. Photo: MTV3

First dates at the altar on Tuesdays at 9pm on MTV3.