La Provençale Bio Nourishing Pomade Hand Cream, € 7.90 / 75 ml

Rating: 4/5

Promise: Nourishes the skin of the hands intensively and makes them feel soft and pleasant.

The full-bodied and protective composition of organic olive oil from Provence has a subdued floral scent.

Organic certified according to the Ecocert Greenlife Cosmos standard.

Experience: Beauty giant L'Oréal's new brand has now been launched in Finland as well.

The hand cream tube of the natural cosmetics series based on olive oil reveals an herbal scent and a really greasy and thick texture.

It feels really nourishing and spreads surprisingly well.

Treated hands for a long time.

Nice novelty!

Lumene Nourishing hand cream, 6.90 € / 75 ml

Rating: 4+ / 5

Promise: A pampering hand cream softens dry skin from the first use and moisturizes the skin for 24 hours.

The nourishing composition contains skin-protecting northern rapeseed oil as well as soothing heather flower extract and is suitable even for very dry skin.

Vegan, 98 percent raw materials of natural origin, the packaging is made from partially recycled plastic.

Experience: The cream is thick and creamy, but after a moment of drying it dries to a non-sticky finish.

Moisturize your hands softly, though for daytime work or the city can be a little unnecessarily dense.

However, the dry-handed likes it very much.

Good, mild and soft scent.

Pros of domesticity and high amount of natural ingredients.

And that the nail polish is incredibly shiny in the wake of this!

Of the test products, that Lumene and Atopik polish the nails to extra gloss for some reason.

Lumene Moisturizing hand and nail cream, 6.90 € / 75 ml

Rating: 4- / 5

Promise: Fresh and light hand cream moisturizes for 24 hours.

Leaves hands feeling softer and nails looking healthy.

Rapidly absorbed composition.

Contains moisturizing northern organic birch sap and blueberry berry water, suitable for all skin types.

Vegan, containing 98 percent raw materials of natural origin, the packaging is made from partially recycled plastic.

Experience: The description gives the expectation of a light product, but yes this also moisturizes.

The cream can be rubbed properly on the hands, but eventually it dries to an inconspicuous and dry layer.

If you’re craving lighter moisturizers and thicker creams aren’t your thing, this is a nice, domestic, birch-scented option.

Mon Sun Nighttime Wonder Detox & Antioxidant Overnight Hand Treatment, € 14.90 / 75 ml

Rating: 3/5

Promise: Smooth and comfortable hands.

The overnight, multi-effect mask deeply moisturizes and exfoliates.

Made in Sweden.


Removes impurities.

Contains 7% exfoliating AHA, 5% PHA, papain enzyme and cleansing seaweed to revitalize and moisturize lifeless skin.

Experience: The composition of the hand mask is greasy and is absorbed into the hands for a long time.

It doesn't hurt, though, as the treatment cream lasts all night.

The aroma is intense and according to the side of the jar is a mixture of eucalyptus, musk and forbidden.

On the other hand, the scents even feel soothing when you go to bed.

I don’t notice a great healing or softening effect in the morning, but as a hand cream jar for the bedside table, this runs its way really well.

Cien Nature Organic Pomegranate & Goji Berries Hand Cream, 2.49 € / 75 ml

Rating: 4½ / 5

Promise: A hand cream containing pomegranate seed oil, goji berry extract, argan oil and coenzyme Q10 promises to support skin cell regeneration with a combination of jojoba oil, shea butter, vitamin E and hyaluronic acid.

Experience: Lidl's own cosmetics brand hand cream delights with its composition containing only natural ingredients.

The herbal scent characteristic of natural cosmetics mixes with the berry scent, and for some reason the combination is reminiscent of cute gift shops.

The cream is not the lightest end of the test, and you have to wait a while to dry, but the fat feels really nourishing on the skin.

For a lover of dry skin and thick fats, this became one of the test favorites.

Atopik Sensitive Hand Cream, 13 € / 50 ml

Rating: 5/5

Promise: An effective moisturizing and skin softening cream for dry hands and cuticles.

The composition of the hand cream is easy to apply and quickly absorbed.

Finnish oat extract soothes irritated skin, prebiotics support the skin's natural protective layer.

Peppermint oil soothes, cools and brings a fresh scent.

Experience: The graceful hand cream pump bottle from the natural cosmetics brand looks beautiful on any edge of the table.

The product does not appear to have any odor at first, but when applied to the air, a very light aroma of peppermint oil emerges.

It stays on the skin too, but only when you smell very close.

Absorbs surprisingly fast without stickiness.

Still, the cream feels nourishing.

Pros of domestic manufacturing and the glossy surface of lacquered nails.

Tonymoly I'm Hand Cream Shea Butter, 5.90 € / 30 ml

Rating: 3½ / 5

Promise: Nourishing hand cream for dry hands.

Contains 10 percent shea butter, which softens and moisturizes the skin.

Perfect handbag size.

Experience: As you might already guess from the name and mention of shea butter, this cream is dull.

The thick cream does not dry very quickly, but leaves a sticky surface on the skin for a while.

However, it feels nourishing and gentle on the skin and smells of a powdery perfume.

Awkward and small screw cap minus - with this, especially when moving, be careful not to drop the cap on your fingers.

LV Light and strengthening hand cream, 3.80 € / 100 ml

Rating: 3+ / 5

Promise: Satin soft, light and easily absorbed hand cream for daily use.

Contains shea butter to soften rough skin and nails.

Allantoin soothes and regenerates the skin, making it more moisturized.

Experience: Traditional, reliable LV.

Do not fall in love or get angry, but take care of their business.

The cream is promised to be relatively light, spreads smoothly and is absorbed quickly.

A very good base cream.

Many thank for the fragrance-free, and Plussa is also available from domestic manufacturing.

Urtekram Soothing Lavender Hand Cream, 4.90 € / 75 ml

Rating: 3+ / 5

Promise: Soothing scent of organic lavender.

Treatment ingredients such as aloe Vera willow bark extract and hyaluronic acid help the skin restore optimal moisture.

Experience: I have been in the past Urtekram hand cream and so this is new.

The cream of the natural cosmetics brand is thick and soft and spreads on the hands comfortably.

The absorption takes a while, but soon the fingers are smooth again with the keys on the laptop.

The scent of lavender is really strong at first and reminds me of evening greasing of the feet rather than hand cream.

The aroma dissipates a little milder as the cream dries.

Ducray Melascreen UV Photo-Aging Global Hand Cream, € 19.90 / 50 ml

Rating: 3/5

Promise: Protects hand skin from UVA and UVB rays as well as premature aging caused by the sun.

The hand cream, which whitens pigment spots and nourishes the skin, effectively softens and firms the skin.

Slightly scented.

Does not support skin pores.

Experience: If the prevention or correction of signs of aging of the skin on your hands is your wish, this is the best choice of hand cream among the test products.

Really high protection factor 50+ and added UVA protection will take care of the fact that liver spots, wrinkles or sagging can not occur due to UV-radiation nearly as much as without protection.

  • Read more: Research shows that constant use of a protection factor can stop premature skin aging or make it look even younger

When applied, the cream feels velvety smooth and does not really smell at all.

When it dries, there is a slightly noticeable but not distracting product layer on your hands - perhaps precisely because of the protection factor.

The nail polish also becomes cloudy, but the situation can be corrected by polishing with a towel.

Photos: Manufacturers

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