On Thursday, C and L announced, in agreement with the government, that they will propose a reduction in income tax by SEK 13.5 billion.

According to Annie Lööf and Nyamko Sabuni, who presented the proposal at a press conference on Thursday afternoon, the tax cuts are aimed at low- and middle-income earners and are thus estimated to cover seven million Swedes.

But the opposition parties are critical.

- Firstly, it is interesting to reduce taxes because the government has always said that tax cuts destroy welfare.

Then it was a very messy press conference.

It is obvious that there is no agreement on which tax policy should be pursued, says Jakob Forssmed, economic-political spokesman for the Christian Democrats (KD).

However, the tax reduction on work will be temporary and apply for two years.

It shall also cover pensioners and certain benefit schemes.

"You leave the line of work"

The Moderates' economic-political spokesperson Elisabeth Svantesson believes that it is problematic in which way the government chooses to implement the tax cuts.

- Basically, I think it is good that we continue to reduce the tax on work, she says to SVT News.

- What I am critical of is how to reduce taxes.

That you indebt Sweden as much as we will do next year, it is still the taxpayers who must pay the debt, then you must use every krona in the right way.

And I mean then that you should reduce the tax in a way that provides more jobs.

And when you then use this acquisition deduction technically, it means that you leave the line of work, she says.

"Pension is deferred salary"

The Sweden Democrats' economic-political spokesman Oscar Sjöstedt is positive about parts of the proposal, but emphasizes that he also wanted to see greater support for pensioners.

- The one aspect, that it should include and be aimed at low- and middle-income earners, is positive both from the distribution aspect but also in terms of the distribution in the economy.

They will use it to a greater extent for consumption.

But we believe that pension is a deferred salary and that is not included in this model, he says.

"Must save on welfare"

Ulla Andersson, the Left Party's economic-political spokesperson, is also critical of how the reductions are implemented.

- It can be said that in principle we have nothing against improving the economy for low-income earners.

But it should be done by redistributing and picking from them with thick wallets so that you have a long-term financing for welfare.

Otherwise, this leads to the need to save on welfare, says Ulla Andersson.