Helsinki police announced on Tuesday that they are looking for three parts of the work of art that may contain explosives.

Police then received information on the whereabouts of the missing parts, and now all the parts have been found and are in the possession of the police.

- No one is suspected of a crime in this regard.

The police make the parts of the work harmless and return them to their owners, says Criminal Commissioner Juhani Vuorisalo from the Helsinki Police Department.

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Parts of the work of art have contained gunpowder and other potentially dangerous substances.

Parts of a work of art are rendered harmless, and the parts are then returned to their owners.

No one is suspected of a crime.Picture: Police

- The content is not specified in more detail, as this is not a criminal investigation, but the police's interest in the matter is to make the parts harmless.

It was a six-pack of Sixpack of Instant Death by the late Finnish visual artist Markus Copper.

The police thank all those who provided information and tips for their cooperation.