• Navalny case, Moscow summons the German ambassador.

    UN calls for an investigation

  • Navalny came out of an artificial coma.

    Doctors: "Reacts to questions"

  • Navalny, Kremlin: "There is no reason to accuse Russia of having played a role"


September 10, 2020The order to poison the Kremlin opponent Aleksei Navalny probably came from "senior Russian officials".

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said so.

I think that people all over the world see these kinds of actions for what they are, "Pompeo said in an interview with Ben Saphiro." And when you see the attempt to poison a dissident, and that there are concrete chances that (the order ) comes from senior Russian officials, I think it is not good for the Russian people, I think it is not good for Russia. "The head of US diplomacy therefore indicated Washington's commitment to identify those responsible and guilty, together with the 'European Union. "It is something that we will have to see and evaluate - he said - we can ensure that we will do everything possible to minimize the risks of the possibility that similar things could happen again." Moscow has rejected any allegations and President Donald Trump last week said to have no evidence of Navalny's poisoning.

Russia assures that no trace of poison was detected by its doctors in Alexeï Navalny's body and questioned the Europeans' version,

considering it a "disinformation campaign" to impose new sanctions against Moscow.

On Tuesday, the G7 countries urged Russia to bring the authors of Alexey Navalny's "confirmed poisoning" to justice "urgently", denouncing any use of chemical weapons as "unacceptable".