Fire in Greek refugee camp kills refugees and migrants September 10 22:53

A massive fire struck one of Europe's largest refugee camps on Lesvos Island in Greece on the 9th, leaving many of the 13,000 refugees and migrants living there unemployed.

The fire broke out at one of Europe's largest refugee camps on Lesvos Island in eastern Greece, where fire broke out from multiple locations on the night of 8th and spread to the entire refugee camp on 9th. It is supposed to be."

"Everything burned down in a few hours, and the building that stores the supplies was gone," said a representative from the local medical team without borders.

The refugee camp is home to approximately 13,000 refugees and migrants who have fled the Middle East and Africa, and the Greek government has not confirmed any injuries to date, but footage from the site shows that Can be seen rushing around with big luggage.

The Greek government declared a state of emergency, moved about 400 minors to mainland Greece, and on October 10, sent three ships that could accommodate a combined total of about 2000, but still said. Many refugees are losing their place.

According to the Greek government, in this refugee camp, more than 30 people infected with the new coronavirus have been confirmed since last week, and some refugees have been repulsed due to the isolation measures, the authorities said. Is investigating the cause of the fire.