Rennes (AFP)

The president of the Cardiff club was heard Thursday in Nantes as part of the complaint he had filed to shed light on the transfer and death of Emiliano Sala in January 2019, told AFP the Welsh club lawyer.

"Mehmet Dalman was auditioned this afternoon", declared Me Antoine Vey, confirming information from Presse Océan.

Cardiff had lodged a complaint against X in Nantes in January 2020 to clarify the terms of the transfer of the Argentine player, for an amount of 17 million euros, as well as the organization of the theft, targeting in particular the former president of FC Nantes Waldemar Kita.

The 28-year-old FC Nantes striker died on January 21, 2019 in the crash of the small tourist plane that took him to his new club.

The British Aviation Accident Investigation Bureau (AAIB) concluded in March that the pilot performed an excessive speed maneuver that resulted in the aircraft breaking up.

Investigators also point out that the flight was not carried out in conditions that comply with the standards that apply for commercial flights.

Since the tragedy, Nantes has demanded payment for the transfer to Cardiff, which refuses to do so, citing irregularities in the transfer and the organization of the flight.

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