«Weather»: Autumn begins September 23 with activity in the dusty winds

A slight rise in "heat" today ... and clear weather until the middle of the week

The National Center of Meteorology stated that the country is affected by the extension of a shallow air depression over the eastern regions, accompanied by an extension of an air high in the upper air layers from the west, and it is expected that the weather will be fair to partially cloudy until the middle of this week.

He explained that today's weather will be generally fair, and partly cloudy in the afternoon in the east, while temperatures tend to rise slightly in the interior regions.

The center indicated that the weather will become wet during the night hours, with the opportunity for fog or light fog to form in some coastal and interior areas, especially to the west, pointing out that the winds will be southeasterly to northeasterly, light to moderate in speed, and are sometimes active, and their speed ranges between 18 and 28. Km / hr, reaching 38 km / h on the sea, which is light to average waves in the Arabian Gulf and in the Sea of ​​Oman.

The center indicated that the weather will remain, tomorrow, healthy, and partly cloudy in the afternoon in the east, turning into wet during the hours of the night and until the morning after tomorrow, with the possibility of light fog forming in some coastal areas in the west, indicating that the winds will remain south-easterly to northwesterly light to Moderate speed, activated sometimes, and its speed ranged between 18 and 28 km / h, reaching 38 km / h.

The center explained that the autumn season will start astronomically on September 23, with the sun perpendicular to the equator, and then ostensibly southward towards the Tropic of Capricorn, indicating that this month will witness relatively active winds that cause dust that may lead to a decrease in the range of horizontal visibility at times, and the opportunity remains ready Cumulus clouds accompanied by rain fall, especially on the eastern region.

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