In San Francisco, USA, people have woken up completely under the orange sky.

The orange color is due to the historically large wildfires that torment California.

Many described the sky as so gloomy that there was almost as little light as at night.

The distressing view was compounded by the fact that ash dripped from the sky in some areas.

- The orange sky is due to the smoke of wildfires in the air.

The smoke particles scatter blue light and only allow yellow-orange light to reach the surface, causing an orange color, San Francisco officials said in their tweet.

In addition, thick smoke blocks the passage of sunlight in some areas.

Locals have shared pictures of a completely orange sky on social media.

The view has been described as apocalyptic and reminiscent of the planet Mars.

- Apocalyptic.

I've lived here since 1998 and I've never seen anything like this, one of your photos tviittaaja.

"If the sky on fire doesn't wake us up to climate change, nothing will," said Youtube influencer Zack Kornfeld again in his tweet.

Eight victims

Wildfires raging in California have claimed at least eight lives.

In addition, tens of thousands of residents have been forced to leave their homes and evacuate.

There are also wildfires in northern California in the states of Oregon and Washington.

Washington State Governor Jay Inslee described the wildfires as heartbreaking.

Both Inslee and California Governor Gavin Newsom blame the effects of climate change on this year’s exceptionally devastating wildfires.

- My patience is not enough for those who deny climate change.

That view is completely at odds with reality, Newsom said.

California wildfires have been the largest in measurement history.

More than 14,000 firefighters are fighting wildfires.

In total, the fires have already spread over an area of ​​more than 809,000 hectares.

Extinguishing the fires has been made more difficult by record-warm weather.

Los Angeles County also broke the heat record over the weekend as temperatures rose to 49 degrees.

Hundreds of homes destroyed

In neighboring Oregon, California, hundreds of homes have been destroyed by fires.

The fires have also been feared to have caused great personal injury.

At least five cities have been reported to have been “significantly destroyed,” and a large number of people have been evacuated from the area.

There are now an estimated 35 major wildfires in the state.

- Hundreds of homes have been destroyed.

These may be the biggest loss of life and property in our state’s history due to wildfires, state governor Kate Brown said at a news conference Wednesday.