The Vegas Golden Knights, who toothlessly appeared in the opening game of the series, had sharpened their canines for the second encounter against Dallas Stars and leveled the West in the conference final series with a sovereign performance. 

Vegas took control of the game immediately in the opening round but despite a couple of great places, still did not succeed in scoring. 

In the second installment, Vegas took an even firmer grip on the game, and control also bore fruit. 

Paul Stastny snatched the winning goal from the goalkeeper to a winning 1-0 lead in 24.53. 

Dallas failed to keep Vegas ’fast-footed attack under control and collapsed in the lower nail to freeze. 

William Karlsson doubled under the Golden Knights with superiority a few minutes later in the opening goal. 

Immediately after, with superiority, Shea Theodore loaded the puck behind Anton Hudobin’s back for the third time, but its setback Dallas still had to be wiped out after the coach’s challenge. However, it was ultimately a lean consolation. 

Vegas finally killed the game towards the end of the second round when Tomas Nosek finished the fast direct attack with a great pass pattern by loading the score already 3-0. 

 In the third set, Dallas replaced NHL debutant Jake Oettinger, 21. He ended up only having to fight five times. 

Vegas led Dallas effectively away from the top spot with three goals, and no more goals were seen in the final round. 

Unlike the previous game, the Vegas goal was guarded by Robin Lehrerin, who kept zero with 24 of his fights.

Zero was already fourth for Lehner in his previous seven matches. 

Like the opening game in the series, the second part was physical, and the number of tackles rose to over a hundred. 

As usual, Stars' playing time kings were again Esa Lindell (23.52) and Miro Heiskanen (22.06).

Neither of them were on the ice during either goal of the Vegas tie - like neither Roope Hintz nor Joel Kiviranta. 

Hintz felt tough at the start of the final set when he blocked a hard line of power with an underpower.

Angrily grimacing, Hintz left, hanging his hand in the locker room, but still returned to the trough around the middle of the lot. 

The third match in the series will be played on the night between Thursday and Friday.

Four wins are required for a place in the Stanley Cup finals.

Conference finals

East: Tampa Bay Lightning 1–0 NY IslandersWest: Vegas Golden Knights 1–1 Dallas StarsFinnish: Dallas: Miro Heiskanen, Esa Lindell, Roope Hintz, Joel KivirantaIslanders: Leo Komarov (in reserve Otto Koivula)