Singer Saara Aalto will release a new song on Friday, September 11, together with English drag Queen Baga Chipz.

Aalto hopes that a pop song called When The Sun Goes Down will bring people joy and a dance feel.

The song has been made by the Red Triangle production team, which has previously made songs for David Guetta and One Direction, among others.

The pop song will be released under Saara Aalto's own No Fear Music record label.

Aalto tells IS that he founded his own record company in late 2019. He says that he wanted to listen to his heart, which is why the roads with the record company Warner Music parted this spring.

Aalto managed to be an artist at Warner Music since 2017 and released two albums through the record company.

In the spring of 2018 the album Wild Wild Wonderland and in late 2019 the album Fairytale: Christmas Magic.

- I informed Warner that I would be making music from now on with my own record label.

We agreed on this this spring and there was nothing dramatic about it.

I just had such a feeling that thanks to these two previous records, this time was awesome, Aalto says and continues:

- I'm the kind of guy who always wants to grow and develop.

I had such a feeling that now is such a moment.

I think Korona time also influenced my decision, because suddenly I had time to stop and think about what I really want.

Prior to the deal with Warner, Aalto had released five albums through his and Teemu Roivainen's record label Yume Records.

- I started this business with my own record label and there is an awful lot of entrepreneurship inside me.

I love being able to plan things myself.

I wanted to go back to where I started.

When my heart tells me I have to do something, I do it even if other people think I’m crazy, Aalto laughs.

Saara and Meri Aalto want to focus on expanding the No Fear brand.

Pictured is a couple in May at a nightclub in Hercules. Photo: Veli Kojonen

Aalto plans that one day there will be other artists in his record company besides himself.

There are also plans to grow the No Fear brand, which is important to him and his manager's spouse Meri Aalto.

Among other things, Saara and Meri Aalto have published a podcast called No Fear.

In addition, Aalto has a singing school called No Fear School, through which she sells her singing lessons.

- I am inspired by the fact that through my own experience I can help novice artists.

I immediately feel inspired when I think about how to help people who are pursuing their own dreams.

Aalto is excited about his new song When The Sun Goes Down.

Next week, he will fly to London to shoot a music video for the song along with Baga Chipz.

The recordings of the music video had to be transferred several times due to the corona crisis, but now, according to Aalto, it was no longer possible to transfer them.

The music video will be released in September and the duo is currently planning a joint tour called In Bed with Saara & Baga for 2021.

- Every time I release new music, I want to do something that breaks boundaries and is new.

I was wondering why I would take drag queens to statue for my video, as I could give them a sound at the same time.

Baga is a great singer.

Aalto says that according to Baga Chipz, asking was the idea of ​​his manager.

Baga Chipz is one of the most famous drag queens in Britain.

Baga Chipz was recently seen as a finalist in the popular RuPaul’s Drag Race UK program.

Baga Chipz has also been seen on several other TV shows, is a member of The Frock Destroyers and has more than 400,000 followers on Instagram.

Aalto says his British manager patted him to send a message to Baga Chipz on Twitter.

- I was ashamed to send him a message, because I thought why he would now agree to sing such a Finnish girl's song, Aalto recalls with a laugh.

- But he should immediately counter by saying that "oh my god, Sarah, I'm so big fans and like to go by."

I was just wondering how this was so easy.

I had thought I really needed to advertise myself a lot, Aalto laughs.