China Overseas Chinese Network, September 9th. According to Euronet, a social media poll published by the Italian newspaper La Nazione on September 8 showed that as many as 94% of overseas Chinese living in Italy Parents of school-age students are so afraid of the new crown pneumonia epidemic that they are unwilling or planning to send their children to school in the new school year.

In response, the municipal government of Prato, the city with the highest concentration of Chinese in Italy, stated that not sending children to school violates Italian law.

  According to reports, there are approximately 8,000 Chinese children enrolled in Prato in the new school year this year.

Polls pointed out that many parents of Chinese school-age students said that Italian schools opened on September 14. They believe that the current development trend of the new crown pneumonia epidemic is not suitable for children to go to school to make their children stay at home safer.

  The question and answer set by the poll conducted by this social media is: The new school year in Italy is about to start. Do you plan to send your children to school?

The answer can be "yes" or "no".

The survey results show that among the 7,000 parents of Chinese school-age children interviewed, only 6% chose to send their children to school, and 94% chose not to send their children to school.

According to polls, some parents of school-age Chinese students said that every parent hopes that their children can return to school as scheduled, but the current epidemic situation in Italy is worrying.

  A young overseas Chinese with 3 children said that she would rather leave the child at home instead of taking any risks. The health of the child should be the first priority, not afraid that there will be no chance to learn in the future.

  In response to the views of parents of Chinese school-age students on their children returning to school during the epidemic, the Prato City Government stated in a public statement through the media that it is a right granted by the Constitution for school-age students aged 6 to 16 in Italy to receive compulsory education. Parents sending their children to school are not only Obligation is a responsibility that must be fulfilled.

Parents who hinder school-age students from receiving compulsory education will not only be punished by law, but also risk depriving their children of custody and guardianship.