Fire brigades in Greece said they had partially evacuated a refugee camp, the largest in the country and the rest of Europe, on the island of Lesbos, after sporadic fires broke out there at dawn on Wednesday.

The firefighting teams said in a statement that "sporadic fires" broke out around and inside "Moria" camp, which also necessitated its partial evacuation. An official from the firefighting team said that it was not clear what caused the fire and that the fires were burning inside and outside the camp.

For his part, a police official said that the refugees are being transported to a safe place, while witnesses told Reuters that refugees were seen leaving the camp with their luggage.

Aid organizations have repeatedly criticized the Greek authorities.

Due to the harsh conditions in the Moria camp, which houses more than 12,000 migrants;

That is 4 times more than its stated capacity.

The camp was quarantined last week after an asylum-seeker was found infected with the Coronavirus, and the number of confirmed cases of the virus rose to 35 since then.

Lesbos, located off the Turkish coast, was on the front line during large waves of migrant flows to Europe between 2015 and 2016.