09 September 2020Belarusian opponent Maria Kolesnikova is in a detention center in Minsk.

This was reported by the independent information site, citing the woman's father who was warned by an investigator.

Kolesnikova went missing on Monday and according to her collaborators it was a "kidnapping" organized by the regime. Yesterday another opponent, Anton Rodnenkov, said that the Belarusian authorities tried to force her to cross the Ukrainian border. but she refused and destroyed her passport to avoid deportation, before being arrested.

The Association of Belarusians in Italy denounced the disappearance of another member of the Belarusian Coordination Council, a body set up to start the process of resolving the crisis that began after the contested presidential elections on 9 August, which confirmed Alksander Lukashenko in office.

According to the activists, the lawyer Maksim Znak has been unreachable since yesterday: this morning at 8.30 he was expected for a live broadcast with a Russian newspaper but the line was cut short after.

The lawyer had just had time to say "masks", the way in which according to the Association "people with covered faces are indicated. The thesis is that Znak, 39, was arrested at dawn at his home by men in riot gear with their faces covered with balaclavas, as confirmed by a photo released on Telegram taken in front of his house

. It is Svetlana Aleksievich "reads the note." Like all the other members, however, she too has been subjected to interrogations in recent days at the Investigation Bureau on charges of piloting the revolution with illegal methods to bring down President.

Aleksievich has said publicly that she refused to testify against herself. ”

Svetlana Alexievich, Nobel Prize in Literature and the only member of the Coordinating Council of the Belarusian opposition still at large, denounced the attempt by strangers to enter her home. The Moscow Times reported. The 72-year-old said she asked reporters to go to her apartment in Minsk after strangers phoned her and tried to break into her home this morning. "There are no more friends left in the garrison of the Coordinating Council, they are all in prison or expelled from the country, "he stressed, after the arrest of lawyer Maxim Znak. 

Foreign diplomats joined pro-democracy activist Svetlana Alexievich at her home in Minsk after the Nobel Prize she was said to be worried and the news of the presence of masked men around her house had spread. "She had signaled that she was worried and now it is

n the company, among others, of the number two of our embassy and some other ambassadors, "the Swedish ambassador in Minsk, Christina Johannesson, told Swedish broadcaster SVT.

In a brief appearance before reporters, Alexievich said he did not want to leave Belarus.