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    White Brothers: "We didn't touch Willy"

  • Boy beaten to death, 4 young people arrested.

    City mourning in Paliano and Colleferro


09 September 2020 Three of the 4 arrested for the murder of 21-year-old Willy Monteiro Duarte in Colleferro remain in prison.

The investigating judge of the Court of Velletri has validated the arrest of all 4 suspects in relation to the death of the young man, beaten with kicks and punches to take his life in the night between Saturday and Sunday.

The judge established the precautionary custody order in prison for the brothers Gabriele and Marco Bianchi and for Mario Pincarelli.

Only Francesco Belleggia was granted house arrest.  

Gip: unmotivated aggression, Willy had nothing to do with it

"There are undoubtedly the futile reasons in this case, in reality, substantiated at least for the Bianchi brothers, in the absence of any plausible reason for the attack".

The investigating judge of Velletri writes it in the order with which he validated the arrests for the four people accused of the murder of Willy Monteiro Duarte. 

An attack "carried out against a person who, as clarified by Belleggia himself, had nothing to do with it and was suddenly violently hit only because he found himself in the crowd created around Belleggia and Zurma".

"While he was on the ground they kept kicking and punching Willy so much that he couldn't get up again."

This is the story of a witness cited in the 14-page order that confirmed the arrests for the 4 accused of the murder.

Willy's family appointed a biased technical consultant for the autopsy examination, which was carried out at the Policlinico di Tor Vergata in Rome.

This is Professor Antonio Grande.

The technical consultant chosen by the prosecutor of Velletri is Saverio Potenza, while Diego Cirilli is the expert appointed by the defenders of the arrested.

Based on the results of the autopsy, the position of the four arrested persons accused, for the moment, of manslaughter could be aggravated. 

"The autopsy was carried out today. The body will be available from this evening. The funeral will be held on Saturday," the lawyer Domenico Marzi, lawyer of Willy's family, told LaPresse.