A woman in blue walks downtown Brooklyn, New York.

A bicycle approaching from the opposite side suddenly strikes a woman's face with a fist and runs away.

At that time, four sturdy men run out of the building and chase their bikes with all their power.

Don't ask, the man who was assaulted is caught by men who have been chasing him and falls to the floor.

Two other men who followed up look to see if the fallen woman is okay.

[Neighboring supermarket owner: That's bad.

You shouldn't hit a woman.

(The victim woman) is a very nice person.

I know all of those family members.

I've seen it since I was a kid.]

Don't ask


The place where the assault took place is in front of the fire station, where the firefighters who were taking a break saw the woman being assaulted and ran out to catch the killer.

[Neighboring supermarket owner: A man rides a bicycle and runs away, and firefighters immediately come out

and follow him

.] The

firefighters grabbed the man and turned it over to the policeman who was dispatched.

One of the firefighters was injured during a struggle, including being hit in the face of the assailant's fist and bruising in one eye.

The man who violated the assault was a 53-year-old local resident this year. He was accused of wielding a weapon in the face of a man three weeks before the assault, 18 criminals including theft and assault.

[Neighboring supermarket owner: Come to the store and just buy your own stuff and go. That's all.

After seeing this crime,'Why did you do that?'

I thought about it.]

After the incident, the residents are reassuring thanks to the fire department.

[Neighboring supermarket owner: I feel safe.

Firefighters always help our community.

What the firefighters did is really good.]