Russian foreign minister: the United States "facilitates conflict" in the Eastern Mediterranean

  Xinhua News Agency, Nicosia, September 8th (Reporter Zhang Baoping) Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov, who is visiting Cyprus, stated on the 8th that US actions in the eastern Mediterranean "facilitate conflicts" rather than help peacefully resolve regional issues.

  After meeting with the President of Cyprus Anastasias, Lavrov said that there are "extraterritorial spoilers" in the situation in the eastern Mediterranean, such as the United States, which is trying to cause conflicts rather than provide a peaceful solution.

Lavrov said, "We are concerned about the relationship between Cyprus and Turkey" and dialogue is the only way to solve the problem.

  Lavrov also held talks with the Foreign Minister of Cyprus on issues concerning the unification of Cyprus and disputes over the eastern Mediterranean Sea.

Lavrov stated that Russia’s position is that the Cyprus issue should be resolved in accordance with UN resolutions.

  The United States recently announced that it partially lifted the arms embargo on Cyprus and requested Cyprus to refuse the docking of Russian warships, which triggered a strong reaction from Russia.