In MTV3's You Are What you eat section, which will be shown on Thursday, doctor Pippa Laukka will renovate rapper Juno's lifestyle.

Juno, real name Jon Korhonen, runs a new family of six children in Sipoo with his cohabiting spouse.

Juno says in the program that he does not have any regularity in his meals.

The rapper may heat up a large amount of food at once and then forget to eat completely the rest of the day.

Feeling constantly tired.

Cohabiting spouse Milla lists the rapper live mainly on noodles, pasta, kebabs and pizza.

- I don't eat fruit other than a couple of fruits.

Making a salad is almost no no if there is no barbecue season.

I don’t see myself very easily making a salad, I prefer to fry a steak, Juno says in the program about his eating habits.

The rapper says he likes sauna beer and the aging of beer has started to show up in his middle body with age.

When he was younger, Juno played football and dreamed of a professional career.

Since then, the hobby of football has been allowed to stay and exercise is no longer of interest to men at all.

- I'm afraid of failure.

Not afraid to go for a jog when he is afraid that some dad will run past you, he describes.

Doctor Pippa Laukka finds out that Juno's lifestyle is quite in retreat.

When the rest of the family eats tasty and healthy home-cooked food, JUno sips jogging sausage and frozen pizza.

- In the case of the train, the problem is not weight, but lifestyle.

If this continues, it will be even harder to get moving, Laukka knows.

- If I ate better, I would be better able to, Juno admits.

Pippa Laukka puts Juno's lifestyle in order in You Are What You Eat.

Pizza, snacks, pasta ...

The moment of truth comes when Laukka loads on the table all the foods Juno records in the food diary during the week.

The table flutters from the meals.

During the week, Juno has eaten a variety of pasta dishes, ready-made salads, bag noodles and pizza.

The food diary reveals that fruit is almost non-existent in a rapper’s diet.

Nappled he is with Popcorn, meetwurst and hodars.

He has drunk 4 pints of beer, but Pippa Laukka notes that on some days beer has replaced lunch.

- Eating like this cannot continue if you want to stay healthy and energetic, Laukka rips.

- This is pretty good.

It doesn’t look very tempting, although I could eat everything one by one, Juno is in pain.

The train’s weekly meals consist of a variety of meals.

The rapper laughs in pity at his heart and blood vessels as he watches the selection of meals.

- I, too, feel sorry for the sun's heart and blood vessels.

The table is yellow-gray!

In terms of amount of food, this looks smart, but you eat pretty large portions at once and rarely.

You eat maybe three meals a day, Laukka wonders.

- That, too, is an exaggeration.

Sometimes I might only eat one meal, Juno admits.

- Oh my heart park!

The gallop blows.

You are what you eat on MTV3 on Thursdays at 8 p.m.