• América.Morales and Correa will not compete in the elections of Bolivia and Ecuador by judicial decision

  • Mirada del Corresponsal: The club of presidents prosecuted in Latin America

  • Ecuador Former President Rafael Correa, sentenced to eight years in prison for corruption

"They finally succeeded. In record time they draw a final sentence to disqualify me as a candidate. They do not understand that all they do is increase popular support. Remember: the only thing they condemn us is to win."

Rafael Correa, 57, will not compete by judicial decision in the presidential elections next

year in Ecuador, despite the fact that he believes he is anointed by the people and by God to continue directing the destiny of the nation.

The expected verdict of the Court of Cassation of the National Court of Justice

has confirmed the sentence to eight years in prison for instigation of the crime of bribery

, denying the appeals presented by Correa, who was his vice president, Jorge Glas, and by several former officials first level.

All of them formed a criminal structure together with private businessmen, who paid the award of public works with large bribes.

Fraudulent version of "Nothing for us, everything for the Homeland", which he liked to repeat so much in his speeches.

The fugitive

Correa had designed well in advance the return to his country

through the front door, like Ulises in search of his Íthaca from power after an odyssey through the seas of Europe and Latin America.

A navigation map that inexorably passed through his candidacy for vice president in the binomial of the Democratic Center, the new party of Correísmo.

His running mate was

Andrés Arauz

, a young 35-year-old former minister, ideal for Correa to deploy the charm of power without restrictions, the same one he already used during the 12 years that he was in charge of the Andean country.

Nothing to do with Argentine President Alberto Fernández, a counterweight politician who until now has limited the anxieties of Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.

The suspicions came even before leaving port three years ago.

His vice president Lenín Moreno, already anointed as first president,

arrived determined to end abuses and corruption

, ready to become a free verse and not the puppet designed by Correa.

From the beginning it was a risky bet: a winning candidate, but too independent.

The alternative, the now incarcerated Glas, would have fallen at the polls sunk by his lack of charisma.

Still today

Correa regrets a decision that has marked his political destiny

, even more complicated after the push of two women, mermaids and cyclops at the same time: the attorney general, Diana Salazar, and the judge Daniella Camacho.


have proven that SP (Mr. President) commanded the criminal organization

that between 2012 and 2016 channeled gifts, promises and offers from businessmen in favor of the citizen revolution movement, Alianza País.

The nicknames by which Correa was known within the bribery scheme perfectly explain who this former president is, one of the stars of the Latin American revolutions, gifted with the torrential word and with an ego that only Hugo Chávez overshadowed.

SP and A1 appear repeatedly in the investigation of the Prosecutor's Office

, supervising, approving and delegating to their trusted persons.

"Courage, Ecuadorian people! This will not be sustained over time," Correa sympathized from his European refuge in Belgium, as if he were still living in the best times of his mandates, when he was sweeping the polls, times that will not return.

The corruption and authoritarian drift of this 57-year-old economist overshadowed 10 years of government

, which started well for the country thanks to the stability so longed for after decades of coups, uprisings and endless economic crises.

"We are preparing to win with or without me,"

the Ecuadorian politician cried yesterday, one of the few who speaks in the ear of Nicolás Maduro, capable of convincing him of the opening turn, in the Chinese style, of a shattered economy.

"A ghost that raves about returning to power"

Correa has not suffered from coronavirus, but he

has lost his political nose, the one that characterized him in his youth

and that today has been displaced by his monumental ego.

The former moves in the political world today as if it were a


, among the forcefulness of their sentences and cynicism of his words.

These virtues made him a television star on Putin's channel and one of the flags of the Puebla Group, whose protection he has and which brings together leftist leaders, including the Spanish José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero and former judge Baltasar Garzón.

Nothing remains of that beautiful young man who in 2007 came to the presidency determined to change his country from top to bottom, the same one who fell in love with so many Ecuadorians but who already in 2011 wanted to multiply his powers to follow the same trail as his allies in Venezuela or Bolivia.

Power is like that, it clouds even the most alert.

And what comes next is even worse.

"Correa is a danger because without the presidential sash and without a puppet at his service, he has become a ghost that raves about returning to power,"

punishes journalist José Hernández, one of those who knows him best.

A tainted relationship from day one, when Correa realized that

those journalists were not willing to look the other way


The threats, the persecution, the press law and the phrases that Ecuador does not forget from a president who assured that he would dedicate his life to persecute the communicators arrived.

"The newspaper does not even serve to ripen an avocado," he ironically then.

"They will be able to bend us, but they will not be able to break us. They will be able to tire us, but they will not be able to surrender us," said the revolutionary as a warning.

He is not one of those who gives up easy, they say in his country.

Correa is not broken, but he does feel today very far from his native Ithaca.

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