Chairman Kim Jong-un announced that he would hold an expansion meeting of the Labor Party's Central Military Committee and mobilize troops to deal with typhoon damage in Hamgyeong-do and review the economic plan.

The Chosun Central News Agency reported that "in relation to typhoon 9, which caused a lot of damage in the Geomdeok district, South Hamgyeong Province, the Central Military Commission of the Party convened an expansion meeting at the headquarters of the Central Committee of the Party yesterday morning and discussed national damage recovery measures."

Chairman Kim Jong-un, who presided over the expansion meeting, said, "We are faced with a situation where we are forced to change the direction of the struggle by fully considering the end-of-year struggle tasks that were inevitably promoted nationally due to the unexpected typhoon damage."

Chairman Kim also stressed, "We decided to delegate the restoration and construction of the Geomdeok District to the People's Army again," and emphasized that "Only the People's Army can develop another front."

It was confirmed that North Korea suffered enormous damage to the Hamgyeong-do mine area due to this typhoon.

The Central News Agency said, "In the Geomdeok Mining Alliance Enterprise, Daeheung Youth Hero Mine, Ryongyang Mine, and Baekbawi Mine, more than 2,000 households and public buildings in dozens of villages were destroyed or flooded."

In addition, "45 roads and 60,000 meters of roads were lost, 59 bridges were cut, and 3,500-meter railroad tracks in 31 places and 1,130-meter rails in 2 places were lost. I was confronted with it,” he added.

Geomdeok Mine is North Korea's representative lead and zinc production area, and Daeheung and Ryongyang Mine are the largest magnesite producing areas.

Chairman Kim instructed until the 10th of next month, the anniversary of the establishment of the party, "we must take a national emergency measure to recover the body hairs of new homes, restore roads and railroads, and eliminate all damage by the end of the year."

(Photo = Yonhap News)