Korea Ministry of Foreign Affairs top executives First visit to the United States Exchange of views regarding North Korean situation, etc. 09:58 on September 9

Choi Jong-gong (Cui Jong-ken), the first secretary of the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will choose the United States as his first foreign destination after taking office and will leave on the 9th.

During his stay, he is expected to meet with the Deputy Secretary of State, Vegan, and exchange opinions on the situation in North Korea.

According to a statement from the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Deputy Secretary of State Choi Jong-gon will leave for the United States on the 9th and meet with Deputy Secretary of State Vegan, who is in charge of the North Korean issue in the US government, on the 10th of the current time. ..

Deputy Minister Choi, who had been teaching political science at Yonsei University in South Korea, was appointed as secretary to Cheong Wa Dae under the Moon Jae-in administration, and as a non-diplomatic officer last month. Became the first Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in charge of the top practice, and this is his first foreign visit.

The talks are expected to exchange views on the issue of denuclearization of North Korea, which remains in a stalemate, and the expenses of the US military stationed in South Korea, which has not yet reached an agreement.