The fight against the epidemic has been arduous and extremely difficult, and the "China Answers" has attracted worldwide attention.

Today, the National Commendation Conference for Fighting the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic was grandly held in Beijing. The advanced individuals and advanced collectives that emerged in the fight against the epidemic have honorably accepted the praise and praise of the party and the state.

  The new crown pneumonia epidemic is a major public health emergency with the fastest spread, the widest range of infections, and the most difficult prevention and control since the founding of New my country. It is a crisis and a big test for our country.

The Party Central Committee regards the prevention and control of the epidemic as a top priority. Chairman Xi personally directs, personally deploys, controls the overall situation, and makes decisive decisions. This has strengthened confidence, gathered strength, and pointed out the direction for fighting the epidemic.

Under the unified leadership of the Party Central Committee, the whole country was mobilized and the whole people participated, and the People's War, the general war, and the resistance war against the epidemic were launched.

After arduous efforts, we paid a huge price and sacrifices to effectively reverse the situation of the epidemic. It took more than a month to initially contain the spread of the epidemic, and it took about 2 months to control the number of new cases in the local area every day. Within a few months, the decisive results of the defense war in Wuhan and Hubei were achieved in about 3 months, and major strategic results were achieved in the epidemic prevention and control war, which maintained the safety of people’s lives and health, and contributed to the maintenance of regional and world public health security. Made an important contribution.

  In the face of the sudden epidemic, under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core, the whole party, the entire army and the people of all ethnic groups throughout the country are united to fight the epidemic and gather an indestructible and powerful force.

The 1.4 billion Chinese people, regardless of men, women, and children, and regardless of the division of labor, have consciously participated in the people's war against the epidemic.

The majority of party members and cadres are leading the charge, medical personnel are fighting bravely, scientific and technological workers are cooperating in tackling key problems, community workers, public security officers, grassroots cadres, journalists, and volunteers stick to their posts, express delivery, environmental sanitation, and anti-epidemic materials production and transportation personnel work tirelessly. Hundreds of ordinary workers silently contributed, and the people of Wuhan and Hubei were persevering and built the strictest prevention and control system.

For us, a developing country with a population of 1.4 billion, it is very difficult and difficult to effectively control the epidemic in a relatively short period of time and guarantee the basic lives of the people.

  This fight against the epidemic is a big test for our army.

The whole army resolutely implemented the decisions and orders of the Party Central Committee and the Central Military Commission, acted upon the orders, bravely shouldered heavy responsibilities, lived up to the heavy trust and fulfilled the mission, and made outstanding contributions to winning the People's War, the overall war, and the deterrence war for epidemic prevention and control.

All personnel performing epidemic prevention and control tasks, keeping in mind the mission of our military, always insisting that the interests of the people are above everything else, putting people's life safety and physical health first, demonstrating the political character of the people's soldiers who are loyal to the party and the people; The general requirements of confidence, solidarity, scientific prevention and precise policy implementation, strengthening organizational leadership, close military-to-local coordination, adherence to scientific governance, and good self-protection have tempered our military's excellent ability to fight and win battles; always regard the epidemic as a command , The call is coming, the coming can fight, the war can win, and standing up in times of crisis, demonstrating the fearless revolutionary spirit of our army, the more difficult and dangerous it is, and it adds luster to the party flag and military flag.

Practice has once again proved that the People’s Army has always been a heroic army that the party and the people can trust.

  The achievements in epidemic prevention and control are the result of the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core, the result of the scientific guidance of Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and the result of the united struggle of the whole party, the army and the people of all ethnic groups.

Adhere to the people's supremacy and life supremacy, use the power of the whole country, quickly and effectively mobilize national resources and strength, and safeguard people's life safety and health at all costs.

Our party’s people-centered ruling philosophy, the system characteristics of concentrating efforts on major issues, the strong comprehensive national strength accumulated over the past 40 years of reform and opening up, especially since the 18th National Congress of the party, and the remarkable results of the modernization of national governance. The Chinese nation is in the same boat and helps each other. The cultural background of the Chinese people, the profound feelings of the homeland and the world of the Chinese people, converge into a powerful joint force to fight the epidemic, demonstrating China's strength, Chinese spirit, and China's efficiency.

After suffering from the epidemic, the Chinese people have more deeply realized that the leadership of the Communist Party of China is the most important guarantee and the most reliable support when the wind and rain strikes. They have more support and trust in the Communist Party of China, and have more confidence in the Chinese system.

  The world today is undergoing major changes unseen in a century. The global pandemic of the new crown pneumonia epidemic has accelerated this major change. The international economy, science and technology, culture, security, and politics are all undergoing profound adjustments. The world has entered a period of turbulent change. Our country is safe. The uncertainty of the situation has increased.

This year, we will decisively build a well-off society in an all-round way, fight against poverty, achieve the goals and tasks of national defense and military construction in 2020, and take advantage of the trend to start a new journey to basically realize the modernization of national defense and the military, and then build our military into a world-class military. Mission Glory and great responsibility.

We must dialectically understand and grasp the general situation at home and abroad, coordinate the overall strategy of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and the great changes in the world that have not been seen in a century, draw lessons from the war, draw wisdom from the big exam, and strengthen the awareness of danger, crisis, and war. We will comprehensively improve our military’s ability to perform military tasks, resolutely safeguard national sovereignty, security, and development interests, maintain the overall stability of the country’s strategy, and provide strategic support for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

  The great era calls for a great spirit, and a noble cause needs to be guided by an example.

The whole army and the majority of officers and soldiers should take the advanced individuals and collectives emerging from the fight against the epidemic as examples, vigorously promote the spirit of fighting the epidemic, unify thinking, strengthen confidence, work hard, and work hard to advance the cause of strengthening the army in the new era.

All levels must adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, thoroughly implement Xi Jinping Thought on Strengthening the Army, thoroughly implement the military strategy of the new era, strengthen the "four consciousnesses," strengthen the "four confidences," and achieve the "two "Maintenance", implement the responsibility system of the chairman of the Military Commission, insist on politically building the army, reforming the army, strengthening the army with science and technology, strengthening the army with talents, and administering the army according to law. We have worked tirelessly to build the People's Army into a world-class army in an all-round way.

  Rush through the stormy waves calmly, the more difficult and dangerous the more forward.

The Chinese nation has experienced many tribulations in history, but it has never been crushed. Instead, it has become more and more courageous, growing and rising from the tribulations.

On the way forward, no matter what kind of wind and rain, can not stop the progress of the Chinese people and the Chinese nation!