The event kicks off the scene.

Photo by Wu Tao

  China News Service, Beijing, September 8 (Reporter Wu Tao) On the 7th, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, China Central Radio and Television and the All-China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives announced the joint launch of a large-scale series of activities for the "Chinese Farmers Harvest Festival Golden Autumn Consumption Season".

  The "golden autumn consumption season" is the main activity to implement the production and marketing of agricultural products during the 2020 Chinese Farmers Harvest Festival.

The launch of this activity represents the official opening of the Chinese Farmers Harvest Festival.

  According to reports, the 2020 Chinese Farmers Harvest Festival is the third harvest festival, and it is also the harvest festival with the largest investment of capital resources, the largest coverage of the production area, and the widest mobilization of social forces.

  During the event, Tencent Microvision will co-organize the China Farmers Harvest Festival Golden Autumn Consumption Season with the organizer and the China Quality Agricultural Products Development Service Association. "East, West, South, North and Central" National County Heads’ Interaction for Good Harvests to Help Farmers Live Broadcast. Nearly 20 county heads across the country joined together Gathering, to create a "distribution center" of high-quality three agricultural products through online live broadcast and offline exhibition halls.

  Li La, general manager of Tencent's ecological cooperation department and deputy general manager of Tencent's short video community product department, said that the combination of short video and live broadcast and the three rural economy is an inevitable product of the development of the Internet.

  "Previously, relying on the offline sales of high-quality agricultural products, this year has made a big breakthrough. More agricultural, rural and agricultural brands have begun to tap the blue ocean of short video and live broadcast, and they have spent a lot of money to avoid some of the impact of the epidemic. , It’s really possible to see the positive impact brought by the Internet.” Li La said.

  At the exhibition hall, some merchants said to a reporter from, “The first time I did live broadcast to bring goods, I started on the evening of the 7th. It was mainly a trial. I heard that the effect was good.” Some merchants said, “I have done it before. Ask the Internet celebrities to live broadcast the goods. The sales amounted to hundreds of thousands of yuan. Now they are trying to do it by themselves.

  In addition, Pinduoduo, one of the organizers of the harvest festival consumption season, will also introduce high-quality agricultural products from the north and the south through the live broadcast, and the relevant industry leaders.

  According to data from Pinduoduo, more than 150,000 agriculture-related businesses participated in a series of activities in the consumption season this year, covering 130 regional public brands of Chinese agricultural products, covering the major agricultural production areas of the "three regions and three states" and 540 national-level poor County related agricultural production areas.

  Since the epidemic this year, online methods such as online sales and live delivery of goods have played a significant role in helping to solve the slow sales of agricultural products in poverty-stricken areas and repair the industrial chain and supply chain.

At present, live broadcast of goods has become an important starting point for realizing agricultural product sales and innovative agricultural brand marketing methods.

  At the event, the "National Agricultural Products Video Live Broadcasting Public Welfare Service Alliance" was established to help the e-commerce of agricultural products to develop in the direction of organization, scale and standardization. The “National Agricultural Products Production and Marketing Docking Public Welfare Service Platform” was established to build a high-quality platform for online sales for Sannong brands across the country, linking the origin and consumers, and giving high-quality agricultural products more exposure and convenient sales channels. (Finish)