The appearance of a woman carrying a cub with a leash in a Mexican shopping mall was caught, causing intense controversy.

According to Mexican media such as El Universal on the 8th (local time), a photo taken at a shopping mall in Mexico City, the capital, recently heated online.

In the picture, a woman is standing with an animal with a leash, and the animal standing on four feet next to the woman's feet is not a dog, but a tiger cub.

A user who first posted this photo on Twitter claimed that "this woman is walking a Bengal tiger freely" and that it is illegal for individuals to own an endangered species of tiger.

The woman in the photo is known to have refuted this Twitter post as "it's not illegal" and then deleted it.

On the Internet, there has been a heated debate over whether wild animals such as tigers can be raised by individuals, and whether tigers can be brought to public places.

According to Mexican environmental regulations cited by local media, in Mexico, individuals need permission from the authorities to own rare animals.

There are certain animals that cannot be owned by individuals, including endangered species, but the Bengal Tiger is not a banned animal set by Mexican authorities, the BBC's Spanish edition explained.

In addition, for fear of adverse effects on the animals and ecosystems, these animals are allowed to stay in limited spaces and are prohibited from being released into the wild.

Authorities say they are investigating how they bought the tiger and whether it has obtained permission for the tiger in question.

The prefectural ward has warned the mall to take steps to prevent this from happening again.

In Mexico, in 2017, a man was caught walking with a leash on a Bengal tiger raised without permission, and was caught by a resident and confiscated by the authorities.

(Photo = Twitter (@ZaiPorras) capture, Yonhap News)