- He was the heart of our family.

He was always a pioneer in our family.

I still haven’t really figured out what has happened.

I still can’t believe even though I saw him yesterday that he’s gone.

She had to leave far too early, the 23-year-old’s older sister, who had died in a school attack, told police during a preliminary investigation after visiting her sister to say goodbye.

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The big sister found out what had happened to her beloved little sister when her mother called at nine o'clock in the evening on October 1 last year.

Mom asked her sister to sit down.

The mother then said the 23-year-old little sister “had been murdered”.

- The call ended with these words from my mother.

I later looked on the internet for what had happened in Finland.

The husband himself had been so upset that he could not tell the matter directly to his wife's mother.

Therefore, the husband had asked his own father to send a message of grief.

The big sister had met her 23-year-old little sister in the summer when the sister had visited a village in Ukraine with her husband.

She knew about her sister’s daily events because they had a beautiful way to wish good morning through WhatsApp every day.

- Depending on the day, we could only send this wish tomorrow, but there were also days when we were more often in touch.

Everything seemed to be fine.

The little sister was open, getting along well with others and she always had goals.

- She was a person who wanted to help everyone else, if only she could, her big sister recalled.

The 23-year-old woman met her husband on a holiday trip to Turkey, where he was on a university-related internship.

She studied tourism and hotel business at the University of Kharkov when she met her husband.

In addition to her studies, her little sister worked at a cleaning company.

Even there, according to the big sister, everything went well.

The future looked good until dawn on October 1 last year. In the first quote, the victim's name was replaced with the word he.

Source preliminary investigation report.