• Coronavirus.

    Udine: positive student.

    School closed for sanitation

  • School, Naples: principal cuts "two-seater" desks to ensure distance

  • School: De Luca, mandatory serological screening for school staff


08 September 2020 "In recent weeks the whole world of schools and the institutions involved has mobilized to achieve the goal of reopening, through its various branches: The Ministry of Education, the ministerial, central and peripheral Administration, the managers of our schools, local authorities, trade unions, associations of female students and students and parents. There has been the utmost effort on the part of all to achieve a result that concerns the whole country. The comparison has always been serious , frank. Opinions have also been divergent. But this is the salt of democracy. " Thus the Minister of Education Lucia Azzolina in the report to the Senate.

Government at work to restart safely

"The Government, in recent months, has always worked with a view to enhancing and listening to the contribution of all, responding and giving substance to a clear parliamentary mandate: to restart school activities in safety. Today's information allows me to offer you an updated framework on the initiatives that the Government has adopted and is adopting to allow the start of the 2020/2021 school year, for the return to school in the presence and safety of our students, our students and all staff ". Thus the Minister of Education Lucia Azzolina before the Education Commission of the Senate.

Three billion to restart 

"We have allocated over 2.9 billion for the September restart alone. A non-trivial figure. No other European country has put so many resources on the restart chapter. And if we consider the resources mobilized since I was sworn in as Minister, a January, we are talking about about 7 billion that represent, and I really think that we can all agree on this, an unequivocal signal. The cutting season has been closed. The School returns to the investment center. We aim to be a A country where education can truly be an engine of development, innovation, a social lift for the capable and deserving, as sanctioned by article 34 of our Constitution. Italy must no longer be the 'tail-end' of international rankings, but protagonist in the panorama of global education ".

Thus in the Senate the Minister of Education Lucia Azzolina in the Senate.

Almost 500 million for 6 thousand institutions to find new spaces

"To respect the principle of distancing we then worked hard on finding spaces. We gave local authorities 330 million for light construction and another 30 million extraordinary on school construction, financing almost 6 thousand Bodies. Thanks to the fruitful parliamentary work of the past months, commissioner powers have been attributed to Mayors, Presidents of Provinces and Metropolitan Cities to unblock construction sites and proceed with promptness in carrying out the necessary works ".

The Minister of Education Lucia Azzolina said this in the Senate.

"With the decree law 104/2020, the so-called August decree, published last August 14, and with the decisions taken during the Council of Ministers on September 3, we have allocated additional and specific resources, over 100 million euros, to be given to local authorities, owners of school buildings, for leasing, or with other methods provided for by current legislation, including the purchase, leasing or rental of temporary structures, of additional spaces to be used for teaching activities during the school year These resources - he recalled - can also be used for the expenses deriving from the management of these spaces and their adaptation to educational needs. Similarly, part of the investment was dedicated to the financing of specific community agreements. , of collaboration, also with cultural, sports and third sector institutions, in order to extend the students' stay at school, alternating teaching activities

tactic to playful-recreational activities, cultural, artistic, dance, emotional-sporting music ".

Competitions in October, I would have wanted them earlier

"We have banned 78,000 places to hire new teachers. We will complete them as early as next October, to reactivate a competition machine that has stopped for too long, with serious damage to the school, which without competitions he does not have all the teachers he needs. As I know, I would have liked to have them sooner. But we are almost there. There will be competitions that will enhance the experience of teachers with more years of service behind them, and which, at the same time, will allow young people to they want to start teaching and have been waiting for these procedures for several years to try their hand at and obtain the coveted role ".

The Minister of Education Lucia Azzolina said this in the Senate.

"We have had over 76 thousand applications for participation in the ordinary childhood and primary competition, more than 430 thousand for the lower and upper secondary level. These are the data that emerge from the survey conducted by the Ministry of Education after the closure of the useful times for submission of applications: the deadline was set for July 31. Otherwise, there are approximately 64,000 applications for participation presented for the extraordinary procedure for placing teachers in the role of secondary school I and II level, with at least three years of The terms for the submission of applications had opened on July 11 and ended on Monday August 10. We wanted selective competitions, as required by the Constitution, diversified, of course, to give those who have years of teaching behind them the right recognition of the path taken, but serious ".

The ranking procedure has been digitized

"Despite the difficulties and despite various positions, often instrumentally critical, we have also guaranteed the mobility of school staff, in the certainty of having to ensure once again this year the right of all, as required by current regulations, to reunite, after years spent away from home, to their families. We have established the provincial rankings for substitutes, digitizing the whole procedure. These too will facilitate the call of substitutes, guaranteeing more transparency and speed ".

The Minister of Education Lucia Azzolina said in a statement in the Senate.

There are 753,750 applications for inclusion in the provincial and institute rankings for substitutes received within the deadline, which expired at 11.59 pm last Thursday 6 August.

Over 800 thousand total users who, during the application opening period, from 22 July to 6 August, connected to the system, for a total of 8,659,102 accesses to the online application.

58% of accesses were made via desktop, 39% via mobile device, 3% via tablet.

The offices - the minister announced - have completed the estimated timeframe for the evaluation of 1 million and 938 thousand questions and the publication of the rankings began immediately.

Zero risk does not exist, everyone is responsible

"We are aware of the fact that zero risk does not exist, even at school. Precisely for this reason the sense of responsibility of each one and respect for the Guidelines and Protocols issued together with the competent health authorities will be fundamental" .