After years of speculation, Amazon confirmed a month ago that they will soon launch a Swedish e-commerce.

The schedule is still unknown, but Nicklas Storåkers, CEO of Pricerunner, believes that the Swedish site will be up and running by the first of November.

But the Swedish market is just the beginning, he says in SVT's Ekonomibyrån.

- The information we have received from Amazon is that they intend to launch throughout the Nordic region.

Maybe not in the autumn, but it is planned to launch in Finland, Denmark and Norway.

With a local domain, ie for example, says Nicklas Storåkers.

Sites in English

The American online giant has launched e-commerce stores in 15 countries, the latest addition being the Dutch site that came earlier this year.

- In the other Nordic countries, there may not be translated sites.

In Sweden we will see a site in Swedish, but in the other countries there will initially be sites in English.

This is the information we have received from Amazon, says Nicklas Storåkers, CEO of Pricerunner.

Expected to face stiff competition

So far, Amazon has not gained the same foothold in the rest of the world as the giant has in the United States, where they are the market-leading e-commerce.

Nicklas Storåkers believes that it will take a long time for the internet giant to gain a dominant role in Swedish trade.

- Now when you enter Sweden, there are very many large established e-retailers that will give Amazon very tough competition.

So I expect mine that they will get a few percent market share, but no more, says Nicklas Storåkers in the program.

SVT has searched Amazon for a comment but they currently refuse to comment.

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