North Korea is also in a hurry to successive typhoons.

There seems to be a lot of damage along the east coast, but there is a continuing propaganda that 300,000 people have applied for the damage recovery of Hamgyeong-do proposed by Chairman Kim Jong-un.

Ahn Jung-sik is a reporter specializing in North Korea.


[North Korean announcer: Currently, Typhoon No. 10 is approaching near the coast of Goseong and Tongcheon.] As the

Typhoon High Line heads north, the east coast of North Korea is especially in an emergency.

The city of Wonsan, Gangwon-do, which was damaged by typhoon Mysak last week, became a sea of ​​water due to strong winds and heavy rain brought by the high ship, and the roads were shut down.

[Chosun Jungang TV (Wonsan, Gangwon-do): The water level on the road is constantly rising, so it is necessary to stop operating cars and small buses.] It

is dangerous to know when the houses in rural villages flooded with river water will be flooded.

[Chosun Central TV (Geumgang-gun, Gangwon-do): Some roads are also cut off.

All personnel in the vicinity of Geumgangcheon were evacuated in an emergency.] It

seems that the damage from successive typhoons is likely to be significant, but North Korea was focusing on preventing human casualties, perhaps because of the punishment policy of the officers in Wonsan City, who injured people during the last typhoon.

[Lee Myung-hee/Director of the People's Committee of Tongcheon-gun, Gangwon-do: Follow and check, check again, and evacuate until the last one remains.]

In a situation where the typhoon damage is increasing, the Chosun Central News Agency reported that 300,000 people supported Hamgyeong-do damage recovery support personnel in one day, which Chairman Kim Jong-un said in an open letter that he would raise up to 12,000 Pyongyang citizens.

[Kim Bong-seok/Vice-Chairman of Pyongyang City Party Committee: Not 12,000 people, but the whole of the capital, we are in charge of the restoration of the damage.]

Chairman Kim also proposed an uprising meeting, which is an opportunity for internal solidarity and strengthening leadership of Kim Jong-un. It is interpreted as what you want to use.

(Video editing: Seungyeol Lee)