Michael Cohen, a former lawyer for Donald Trump serving his three-year prison sentence, claims Trump has tried to “both openly and covertly” try to get Russia to influence the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.

The allegation is included in Cohen’s Tuesday-unveiling book Disloyal: A Memoir, about which at least the Washington Post and CNN narrated the juiciest pieces as early as Sunday.

Cohen, who has worked with Trump’s closest insiders for more than a decade, states several times in the preface to the book that he is one of the few people who really knows what kind of person Trump really is.

Cohen calls Trump a cheater, traitor, liar, bully, racist and harasser.

Admittedly, similar terms fit Cohen, who was sentenced to prison in connection with Trump’s investigation into Russia’s ties.

In December 2018, he received a three-year sentence for, among other things, tax fraud and lying to Congress.

Michael Cohen is a former lawyer for Donald Trump. Photo: Jeenah Moon / Reuters

The book describes Trump as a racist who especially hated his predecessor, the first African-American President of the United States, Barack Obama.

The anger dates back years, long before Trump even announced his aspirations to become president himself.

Trump publicly questioned Obama’s birthplace and downplayed that Obama’s college degrees were due to “positive special treatment”.

Trump’s hatred of Obama even took on absurd traits.

Cohen says in his book that once Trump had hired “Vale-Obama” to play a video in which Trump “ritually belittles the black president and then fires him”.

The book does not mention when that video was made, but it does include a picture of Trump sitting behind his desk in front of a gray-haired black man in a suit and a U.S. flag pin on the front.

There are two books on Trump’s table, one with Obama’s name in prominent letters.

Donald Trump and Barack Obama at Trump's inauguration in January 2017.Photo: Carlos Barria / Reuters

According to Cohen, Trump “underestimated all blacks”.

Once, when Trump rumbled about Obama, he would have said that “mention a single black-headed country that wouldn’t be a full asshole.

They are all v ... n shit hoods ”.

During his election campaign, Trump otherwise belittled the country’s minorities, stating that they were not “my people”.

- I will never get Latin voices.

Like blacks, they are far too stupid to be able to vote for Trump, Cohen claims Trump said.

- The biggest joke here is that Trump was persuaded by a huge number of white working-class voters from the Midwest by letting him know he was worried about their livelihood.

In fact, he was no less interested.

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Trump sees Russian President Vladimir Putin as a role model, says Cohen.

He claims Trump admired Putin’s property because he himself loves the most in the world only for money.

According to Cohen, Trump is convinced that Putin is by far the richest man in the world.

- Trump also admired Putin's ability to take control of the entire state and run it like his own company - like Trump's own group, writes Cohen, who says that Trump has followed with respect the way Putin controls Russia through the press and the economy.

Cohen says Trump has begun to flatter Putin during the 2016 presidential campaign.

In the event of a possible election defeat, Trump wanted to sneak into the money of the Russian oligarchs.

But Putin also hated Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton for protesting Russia's actions as foreign minister.

Realizing this, Trump came up with the idea that this could be useful in accumulating his own power.

- Patriotism and treason were completely irrelevant to Trump's thoughts.

Trump used the election campaign only to find more wealth for himself, writes Cohen.

However, Cohen does not disclose any new aggravating information that would not have emerged in a previous investigation into Russia.

Trump and Putin in Helsinki in 2018. Photo: Jukka Gröndahl

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On Saturday, White House press chief Kayleigh McEnany slammed Cohen’s credibility into the country’s gap.

- Michael Cohen is a despicable criminal and a disqualified lawyer who also lied to Congress.

He has already completely lost his credibility, so it’s no surprise he’s once again trying to take advantage of his lies, the White House said.

Cover of Michael Cohen's book.