Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi received in his office a girl who appealed to him on social media in order to meet him, to present her case to him in the hope of receiving support for her poor family, to provide her with treatment so that she would not lose her eyesight completely.

The child, Narges Thaer Kadhim, has suffered from poor eyesight since birth and needs medical attention.

Al-Kazemi asked the competent authorities, after meeting the girl, to provide the assistance and medical care she needed.

Al-Kazemi had met more than once with Iraqi children, who were making appeals to meet him on social networks.

The media office of the Prime Minister said in a statement that Al-Kazemi received the girl Narges Thaer Kadhim and her family, after the appeal made by the Narges family on social media and the media.

The statement added that Narges suffers from poor eyesight since her birth, and appealed to the Prime Minister to meet her, as Al-Kazemi responded to the appeal and received her in his office on Sunday to meet the requirements of her family, and also directed the competent authorities to provide her with medical assistance.