Prospects of forming a new party with 14 members of the parliament who do not participate in the confluent new party September 7 22:42

Another new party will be formed by the National Democratic Party, which does not participate in the confluence of the Constitutional Democratic Party and other parties. It will be formed by a total of 14 members from both the House of Representatives and Representatives Tamaki and former Foreign Minister Maehara.

Due to differences in philosophy and policies, there are 22 members of the National Democratic Party who do not participate in the new party that joins the Constitutional Democratic Party. Among these, Representative Tamaki, former Foreign Minister Maehara, and Furukawa's acting representative are We are aiming to form another new party that will take over policies and policies.

As a result of Mr. Tamaki and others calling for participation in this new party, Mr. Kobayashi, chairman of the "Power General Federation", and Mr. Kyoko Yada, a member of the House of Councilors from the "Electrical Alliance", are members of two private industry labor unions. In addition, it is expected that a total of 14 members from both houses of the House of Representatives will be formed.

In response to this, the National Democratic Party will hold discussions on a "split party" that will divide the party in the near future between Mr. Tamaki and other members of the Diet who join the Constitutional Democratic Party.

After discussions, Tamaki and his colleagues are aiming to hold a party convention on the 15th of this month, when the new party's party convention will be held.