Former Trump attorney: The president is a traitor and racist and rigged the elections with Russian complicity

Cohen says he was Trump's only confidant or "friend" for a decade.


The memoirs of former US President Donald Trump's lawyer, Michael Cohen, which will be published in a book titled "Traitor", which will be distributed next week, will cause much controversy due to the confessions they contain, describing Trump as racist, and that he rigged the elections with Russian complicity.

Michael Cohen, who has been accused of lying to Congress and violating campaign laws to serve Trump and is currently serving a three-year prison sentence in a federal prison after being convicted of personal financial crimes, has been at the center of Trump's inner circle for more than a decade.

Consequently, Cohen knows many secrets, according to what was mentioned in the American media.

The Washington Post reported yesterday that Michael Cohen claimed in a new book that Trump made derogatory statements against black world leaders, including former South African President Nelson Mandela, as well as on minorities in the United States in general.

Cohen worked with Trump for years before he turned on him, as he showed in his testimony to Congress last year before Trump was impeached.

Cohen is serving a three-year prison sentence for making false statements to Congress and other charges.

In a book due to be published next week, Cohen alleges that Trump described Mandela as a weak leader, according to the Washington Post, which reported that it had obtained a copy of the book.

According to the newspaper, Cohen wrote that after Mandela's death in 2013, Trump spoke badly of him and described him as "not a leader."

Cohen also claimed that Trump said, "He told me about one country run by a black man that is not ruined. They are all toilets."

White House spokeswoman Kelly McKanney responded by questioning Cohen's credibility.

"Michael Cohen is a criminal attorney erased from the roster of lawyers and lied to Congress. He has completely lost his credibility, and it is not surprising that we see his recent attempt to profit from the lies," said Mechanny in a statement.

The Washington Post reported that Cohen had claimed that Trump ostracized minorities, and that he said during his 2016 presidential campaign that he would not win the Latino vote.

"Like black people ... they are too stupid to vote for Trump," Cohen quoted Trump as saying.

Some excerpts from the book

For half of Americans, it seemed as if Trump was a crook and controlled by Russia, and had lied and eluded during his attempt to reach the White House; for the other half of Americans, especially Trump supporters, the entire Russian scandal was a witch hunt invented by the Democratic camp, which is still Unable to accept the fact that Hillary Clinton lost. "

"Both sides were wrong. I knew the reality was more complex and dangerous. Trump colluded with the Russians, but not in the complicated ways his critics envisioned. I also knew that the Mueller investigation was not a manhunt. Trump had cheated in the elections, with Russian complicity, as well. You will discover in these pages, because doing anything, and I mean anything, to win has always been his business model and lifestyle. "

"There are reasons that explain the absence (of an intimate biography) of Donald Trump, the man. Partly because he has millions of acquaintances, friends and commentators but he has no real friends. He has no one to trust to keep his secrets for ten years. He was definitely with me, and I was always there. Post it, and see what happened to me. "

"From a strip club in Las Vegas, to tax fraud and deals with corrupt officials from the former Soviet Union, to plotting to capture and murder to silence Trump's undercover lovers. I was not just a witness to the president's rise, I was an active and enthusiastic participant."

The final line

Cohen also writes: "One last thing I can say with great confidence, as you turn the page and meet the real Donald Trump for the first time: This is a book the President of the United States does not want you to read."

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