It was in July that the fatal accident occurred at a pedestrian crossing at Stålforsbron in Eskilstuna.

A permobile driver was crossing the road when a motorist drove over him.

Denies crime

According to witnesses, the victim must have complained of pain in one hip and in the back of the head immediately after the accident.

The person later died as a result of the injuries.

Now a man in his 80s has been charged with causing another person's death.

During questioning by the police, the man has denied any wrongdoing.

"Almost stood still"

The preliminary investigation states that the man said that he was not negligent in connection with the fatal accident.

He must have driven slowly - "almost stopped" - and not seen the person in a permobile until the accident was a fact.

During the interrogations, the police suggest that the suspect has reached a high age, something that can but does not have to affect a person's driving ability.

The man in his 80s, however, believes that he is an experienced driver who drives carefully.