The government has announced that it has placed an order for 100,000 transparent masks.

He wants to equip teachers who work with toddlers and disabled students with them.

Ultimately, the State also wants each of its agents who welcome the public to be provided with one. 

It was first designed to allow hearing impaired people to read lips.

But with the generalization of the coronavirus mask in society, its transparent version - which also allows part of facial expressions to be seen - is becoming popular.

So that this Sunday in the


, the Secretary of State for Disabled People, Sophie Cluzel, announced that 100,000 transparent masks were being manufactured. 

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Equip all public service agents who welcome the public

It must be said that the particularity of this mask is very useful in contact professions, especially for teachers.

Some had also pointed to Europe 1 their concern about teaching sounds to the little ones without being able to see the movements of the mouth.

But things should change, first for kindergartens, with the order of the State: the government intends not only to distribute it to all teachers who work with toddlers or hearing-impaired students, but also eventually to any agent. public service that welcomes the public. 


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Unexpected success 

No wonder, then, that the government has placed such an order for masks.

Five models were thus selected, including the one produced by APF Entreprise.

"There is on the one hand for some, an absolute necessity to see the lips, but for the others, there are somewhere also other messages to be captured", indicates Serge Widawski, the national director of the company. at the microphone of Europe 1. 

He even confides that he did not expect to see such a market develop when he developed his own transparent mask model.

Since July, he estimates that he has been asked for more than a million.

A colossal figure when its production is only 80,000 masks per week currently.

So faced with this unexpected success, he intends to adapt and multiply his activity by five within two weeks.