China News Service, September 7th. According to Reuters, a statement issued by British Prime Minister Johnson’s office shows that on the 7th, Johnson will indicate to the EU that the deadline for the two parties to reach a free trade agreement is October 15th. Continue to delay.

Data map: British Prime Minister Johnson.

  On the 8th, Britain and the European Union will start a new round of negotiations on a trade agreement in London.

According to the news released by the British Prime Minister’s Office, Johnson will tell the EU on the eve of the negotiations between the two sides, “If an agreement cannot be reached by that time (October 15), I don’t think it is possible for us to sign a free trade agreement. Then we You should accept this fact."

  Johnson will tell the EU, “If there is no agreement, the UK and EU trade relations will adopt the Australian model, which will be a good result.” Australia and the EU do not have a comprehensive trade agreement, and their trade relations follow the default rules of the World Trade Organization. carried out.

  Britain’s Brexit negotiator Frost said on the 6th that Britain is not afraid of “no-deal Brexit”.

French Foreign Minister Le Drian said that the two sides urgently need to reach a trade agreement. The current deadlock is due to the attitude of the British side.

  Since Britain withdrew from the European Union on January 31, the two sides have conducted multiple rounds of negotiations on a trade agreement without any progress.

The UK’s Brexit transition period will end on December 31, and the UK must reach a new free trade agreement with the EU before that.