The PP believes that the self-employed are one of the groups that are suffering the most from "the political blockade caused by Pedro Sánchez and his




For this reason, and in the face of the suffocation caused by the pandemic, the 'popular' have brought to


a "shock plan" as a demand from the Executive to prevent the self-employed "from having to close their business drowned by expenses in a time when your income is minimal or non-existent.

The spokesperson for the Popular Parliamentary Group, Cuca Gamarra, has registered a non-law proposition, which EL MUNDO has agreed to, in which it demands measures such as that the self-employed "can access under similar conditions [that employed persons] to the care of the family, if because of the Covid-19 it were necessary ".

Likewise, the initiative calls for "a 100% discount on the quota from the first day of discharge" for those infected or in quarantine, and reestablishing the extraordinary benefit for cessation of activity for all those affected by outbreaks.

One of the most important proposals is to "adapt the contributions to the real income obtained", in such a way that if the income has been non-existent the contribution will also be.

"At zero income, zero quota", conclude Gamarra and the other two deputies who sign the initiative, José Ignacio Echániz and Diego Movellán.

For the new self-employed who do have income, the PP asks "to restore the flat rate for the new self-employed at 50 euros, instead of the current 60 euros", as well as "establish a reduction in the contribution of those self-employed with a drop equal to or greater than 50% in the third quarter 2020 compared to the same quarter of 2019 until April 1, 2021 ".

How long this reduction lasted is something that would be agreed with the Government and the main employer's association of the self-employed, ATA.

The proposal also urges the Coalition Executive to extend the ERTEs of the self-employed, "with the same conditions as the current ones, until April 1, 2021", and "to guarantee, in an effective and real way, the provision for cessation of activity for all freelancers who see their billing reduced by 40% instead of the current 75% ".

The PP criticizes the government for having approved few measures and having done so late and insufficiently, at a time when “self-employed workers have been forced to close their businesses temporarily, or to stay home to care for minors. as a consequence of the closure of nurseries and schools, or to attend to the elderly or dependent persons ”.

Many of these entrepreneurs, in addition to barely entering, have hired people to whom they must pay their payroll, and they continue to have financial obligations, payment of the premises rent, mortgage, supplies, quotes, fees, and so on.

"This is the dramatic reality that many freelancers are living in our country today," concludes Pablo Casado's training.

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