The PSPV Health spokesperson in the Cortes,

Carmen Martínez

, has reproached this Sunday that the PP criticized the Consell's health management in Parliament on Friday, alluding to a health center that "did not correspond to Alicante, but to the Community of Madrid , governed by the




Díaz Ayuso


And it is that the spokesman for Health of the PP echoed in the platform of the Chamber of complaints the workers of the Alicante health center in Fuenlabrada.

"The PP does not tire of making a fool of himself and each time this happens they show more that where they govern there is no management but chaos," Martinez said in a statement, in which he lamented "the lack of rigor and loyalty that

popular people

show every day

because their style of opposition is to practice a destructive policy without scruples, with information without contrast with the sole objective of generating alarm. "

Thus, he has criticized that "in such difficult moments" like this there is an opposition that "not only does not work or lean its shoulder to get the best out of this situation, but uses any information to do harm."

For Martínez, "these are the problems of doing the epidemiological populism that the PP has been practicing lately: the only thing that matters to him are the headlines and they turn against him again and again."

"Now the



are opposing the PP of the Community of Madrid

from the Cortes and highlight the mismanagement of Díaz Ayuso," the socialist official has ironized.

"The PP is very desperate trying to remove the red spots from the management of the Ximo Puig government but they have nowhere to scratch and end up exposing the mismanagement of their own governments such as Madrid," the socialist has influenced.

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