During an extraordinary meeting held hypothetically regarding "Corona"

The G20 stresses the importance of ensuring the continuity of the education for all process

Education ministers affirmed that education is a human right and a basis for other rights.


The G20 Education Ministers affirmed their support for individual and collective efforts to mitigate the unprecedented effects of the emerging coronavirus pandemic on education, stressing the importance of ensuring the continuity of the education process for all during crises.

During the extraordinary meeting, which was held hypothetically, on the emerging corona virus, and his final statement was issued the night before last, the Education Ministers of the G20 stressed the central role of education in enabling people to seize the opportunities of the 21st century.

They indicated that education is a human right and a basis for other rights, and it is the basis for personal development, because it provides children, youth and adults with the necessary knowledge, skills, values ​​and attitudes, so that they can reach their full potential, noting the vital role of education and developing skills in facing social, cultural and economic challenges. Encouraging international cooperation and sharing of best practices to improve education systems around the world, to contribute to achieving broader goals, including reducing poverty and inequality, promoting inclusive and sustainable economic growth, enhancing access to high-quality education for all, especially girls, and empowering women. And youth and the most vulnerable groups.

They stressed the importance of improving access to high-quality early childhood education as a basis for the development of present and future generations, and as an essential part of promoting equity and inclusiveness in education, and encouraging lifelong learning, realizing the importance of promoting universality in education as a means to improve the quality of education at all levels and nurture a generation that enjoys With global citizenship values, and qualified to engage with an increasingly interconnected world.

They stressed the need to support the exchange of best practices and experiences, to explore ways to build solid educational systems, and ways to enable students to continue education during and after the pandemic, encouraging the development of policies and procedures for opening and closing educational institutions, in line with national, regional and local contexts, while giving priority to the health and safety of students and teachers. Educators and societies.

The G20 education ministers noted the importance of distance learning, blended learning and education, promoting access to high-quality education, professional development for teachers, digital infrastructure and content, awareness of cybersecurity, appropriate teaching methods, and active learning while recognizing that these methods are complementary to face-to-face learning. They are not a substitute for it, stressing the importance of research and data to assess the quality of distance education and learning outcomes through it.

Education ministers stressed the importance of improving access to high-quality education.

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