It is for the work to spread knowledge about the environment in the sea, which the founders Michael and Agneta Palmgren will receive the Baltic Sea Fund's award on Wednesday.

- It feels very gratifying that the Baltic Sea Fund's prize has been spread all the way down here to the Sound, says Michael Palmgren.

Increase awareness of the sea

Children and young people from preschool all the way up to the universities come to the Marine Knowledge Center to learn more about the living conditions in our seas.

The premises also contain a Naturum that is open to the public.

- Our work is to increase awareness of how much the sea means to us humans on land.

We can not do without a living and healthy sea.

Spreads the work in the country

The prize money of SEK 150,000 will go to competence development of the staff and to the project "Haveriet".

- It is our work with sea ambassadors;

young people who work to spread the commitment to the sea and the Baltic Sea to the rest of the country, says Michael Palmgren.

In the clip above, you can hear Michael Palmgren talk about why the marine environment is so important.