• Belarus: the skeletons that Lukashenko hides

  • Wave of protests: Russia denounces an intervention by Ukrainians in Belarus while preparing its own

Tens of thousands of people took to the streets again this Sunday in different cities of Belarus to demand the resignation of the president.

The authorities reinforced the number of agents and military personnel on the streets of the capital from the beginning, blocking access to the main avenues in the city center, closing metro stations and cordoning off Minsk's Independence Square.

The press reports on dozens of detainees in different neighborhoods of the capital during the first hours of the protest.

The protesters approached the Palace of Independence, the residence of Alexander Lukashenko.

They were held there by a cordon of riot police, who unfolded a chain of spiked wire.

It was not clear if Lukashenko was at home, but the protesters shouted "Get away!"

According to Interfax, which cites witnesses,

more than 100,000 people took part in the protest action shortly after two in the afternoon


According to the human rights organization Viasna, at least 37 people were arrested during this demonstration.

In the capital, government buildings are fortified with chain-link fences and armored vehicles.

Among the main concerns of the regime is avoiding the occupations of state dependencies, which marked the beginning of the end of the power of Ukrainian President

Viktor Yanukovich

in 2014. Lukashenko for the moment rules out any dialogue and has resorted to the support of Moscow, which seems willing to provide it, with the visit to Minsk this week by Russian Prime Minister

Mikhail Mishustin


As is customary at every protest, several Russian telephone operators reported today that by order of state agencies the mobile Internet bandwidth had been reduced, reports RIA Novosti.

"Mobile Internet in Minsk has been disconnected"

, claimed several Telegram channels in Minsk.

In the city of Vitebsk there was a confrontation between protesters and policemen, in the middle of Lenin Street, reports Tut.by.

The police cordon did not allow the passage of protesters, and

some were beaten with batons


Finally the people crossed to the other side of the street after breaking the cordon at that point.


Belarus has been the scene of protests since August 9 due to the results of the presidential elections that revalidated a new term for the current president, in power since 1994. The Belarusian opposition denounces numerous electoral irregularities and therefore demands a repeat of the elections , an option that Lukashenko has ruled out.

On Saturday,

some 4,000 people demonstrated in the streets of Minsk and 91 were arrested

, according to the Belarusian Interior Ministry.

Former Belarusian presidential candidate and opposition Svetlana Tijanovskaya has asked the UN for an observation mission in Belarus to monitor protests in the country.

Russia has asked other countries to stop imposing their political solutions and mediation on Belarus, said Russia's deputy ambassador to the United Nations,

Dimitri Polianski

, at an informal meeting of the UN Security Council.

But Russian President

Vladimir Putin

has already promised to send Russian forces to Belarus if the protests escalate and a meeting with Lukashenko is scheduled in Moscow.

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