Marine Le Pen made her political comeback this weekend in Fréjus with a speech focused on the theme of insecurity.

Invited Saturday from Europe 1, the spokesperson for RN Sébastien Chenu denounced a "degraded" security situation which he attributes in particular to a "failing judicial link".


The National Rally met this weekend in Fréjus for a political comeback focused on the theme of insecurity.

During her closing speech, Marine Le Pen called for combating the "barbarism" which she believes is taking hold in France.

"The judicial link is now failing," said Sébastien Chenu, RN deputy from the North and spokesperson for the party, guest of Europe 1 on Saturday, denouncing the "lax positions" of Eric Dupond-Moretti. 

"The situation has deteriorated in recent years"

Earlier Sunday, Marine Le Pen had strangled the Minister of Justice, designating him during his speech as "Taubira in worse".

"This summer was a murderous summer, (...) as if the inexhaustible promise of living together turned against its promoters in power," said the far-right leader. 

Marine Le Pen was alluding to several violent news items this summer, seen by her party as a "savage" of society, a term used by several ministers and leaders of the right.

"If Darmanin speaks of wildness today, it is not an outbidding. It is because what has been said for a long time is reality", explains Sébastien Chenu, denouncing a "rising insecurity". 

"Marine Le Pen is the only one telling the French the truth"

He denounced the government's "inaction" in matters of security.

"The prison places promised by Macron have never arrived. The justice budget is always less than 3% of the state budget. Even if local elected officials are mobilized, if the link of justice is missing, it does not can't walk. "

A declared candidate for the 2020 presidential election, Marine Le Pen called on the abstainers to join her on Sunday.

Sébastien Chenu praised the honesty of the party leader, the only one according to him to "tell the truth to the French".

"With Marine Le Pen, there is no deception on the goods. What she wants is to protect the French."