• Thermometer.Blas sang: "I would have a summer roll with Ricky Martin"

  • Thermometer.Omar Montes: "I would dress Pablo Iglesias with a Moschino tracksuit"

  • Thermometer.María Adánez: "A good Ribera del Duero is better than an orgasm"

  • Thermometer.Anabel Pantoja: "Women fake orgasms when they have not been able to reach that point, but you have enjoyed that little time you have taken"

  • Thermometer. Beatriz Luengo: "It would be good for Fernando Simón to pluck his eyebrows"

For the Madrid actor

Maxi Iglesias

(29), this 2020 has been a year full of achievements and international recognition.

For example, last May he became one of the

most popular


on Netflix,

after playing Victor in the series



"I am very happy. The series has been number one, even in countries where the books on which the fiction is based had not been read," he told LOC during the promotion of one of his most recent hits,


, a production of Amazon Prime in which Iglesias plays a cop.

"I am very proud of this series.

I really wanted to do the detective genre and I think that Desaparecidos deals with the subject in a very real way, because it shows cases that have already been in the news. Besides, I think it is a series that can be see as a family, "explained the interpreter about his latest work in front of the cameras.

But Iglesias has left the police badge in the drawer and has submitted to the LOC Thermometer questionnaire, with which he has had to

challenge his shame

and reveal what situations agitate or suffocate him.

Although Maxi is much more shy than he seems, especially when it comes to subjects such as indecent proposals,

uncomfortable compliments and temptations

that captivate him.

Despite this, the artist showed great audacity when declaring, almost without mincing words, with which international celeb he would get involved and who he would sculpt as if it were a work of art ...


What makes you cold?

People who do extreme sports, who have impressive skills.

What makes you yawn?

Well, sleep ... What makes you cry like a little child?

For good?

A delicious meal!

When do you need to take a cold shower?

After exercising.

Who is the coolest person you've ever met?

A childhood friend, who had no shame of any kind.

What item of clothing do you think is anti-lust?

Uh ... (laughs) The girdles.

What is the worst attack against male aesthetics and which against female aesthetics?

I think there is no attack, you are too daring.

What's the most ridiculous date you've ever had?

I have had a few ... What is the compliment with which you have felt the most icy or uncomfortable?

Hmm ... "I ate you whole" and you just stand there like "so what do we do?"

What politician would you change the way you dress?

Let's see ... Pablo Iglesias.

It's the first one that comes to mind.


What makes you lose your temper?

The lie: What things make your temperature rise?

A good erotic movie.

From your own experience, could you tell me why fans find actors sexy?

I don't think they find actors sexy.

I think there are people for everything, there are people who find athletes, musicians, singers sexy ... Are they more successful with male or female audiences? My Instagram statistics say that I am more successful with female audiences than with the masculine. What is its greatest attraction?

The face to face.

Turbo swimsuit for men: yes or no?

To swim, yes.

Are you a supporter of comprehensive hair removal? No ... No, no, not necessarily. Do you sleep in pajamas or as God brought you into the world?

In most cases, how God brought me into the world.

Especially in the summer, what is your biggest temptation?

I have many temptations, but the biggest temptation is the temptation itself. What music do you listen to to warm up?

(Very serious) Classical music ... No!

(He laughs) Can you imagine?

I listen to R&B, which I love.

Who is your erotic myth?

Monica Bellucci.

What things agitate you?

Cars shake me, sports shake me, go hiking, eat in a place that has delicious food, a boat and go sailing, a terrace in summer ... Would I fall in love or have a political mess of ideology contrary to yours?

Yes (categorical).

When was the last time you regretted it?

I don't usually regret it.

I always see the bright side, even if it is a huge gaffe.

Who is the most handsome man in Spain?

Are you envious of him?

The most handsome man in Spain is ... Wow!

I just fucking have a conflict of interest there!

Because it is that I say to many "you are the most handsome man". Is it true that women fake orgasms?

I think it is very easy to deceive myself, depending on what situations, and in others, not so much.


When does it suffocate? When I exercise at altitude.

What is your infallible trick of conquest? Being myself.What part of the female body do you look first?

The look. The best kiss you've ever given?

They're all good! Do you ever think about your old conquests?


If you were Miguel Ángel and you needed to sculpt a human body, who would you choose? Aitana Sánchez-Gijón.

What is the most indecent proposition you have ever received?

Look, I'm going to read you the last one they made me.

It's not very indecent, but I found it original.

(She takes out her mobile, looks for a message).

It's just that ... I can't read it.

It is very long!

That's my answer: "The last indecent proposal they made me was very long."

When does size matter?

To buy a car, it depends if you want one for the city or for traveling.

With what international celeb would you have a summer roll?

Uh, Dua Lipa, would you have a thing with a fan?

Yes, why not?

Have you ever been rejected?

Yes, quite a few. What is the best trick to avoid boredom in sex?

Being rejected A good night ends ... When you are not rejected ... What's better than an orgasm? Two orgasms!

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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