The e-commerce giant Amazon dominates many markets and already sells for around SEK 1 billion a year to Swedish consumers, according to an estimate from Swedish Trade.

But so far, anyone who enters ends up on the company's English-language German site and the goods are also often sent from Germany.

Now, however, Amazon is preparing an entry into Sweden.

A Swedish-language site is underway and the company is opening a logistics center in Eskilstuna.

Union concern

From a union point of view, however, there is a concern for Amazon.

LO's new chairman Susanna Gideonsson was previously chairman of the Trade Employees' Union and in her international union work she has encountered Amazon several times.

She is not gracious when she describes the company.

- Amazon is anti-union.

They chase anyone who even tries to organize.

And they have really ugly methods, too.

She believes that the staff who work for Amazon in many cases wear out extremely quickly in other countries.

- You have virtually no breaks.

You must not be in the toilet for more than X number of minutes.

And the staff space can be so far away that the time you have is not enough.

So you do not have time to go to the toilet but have to pee in bottles.

Susanna Gideonsson discusses Amazon's establishment in London, where it has been really bad

- The ambulance has largely been in shuttle traffic for the past three years.

That Amazon is planning to launch itself in Sweden, can it not be something positive and provide new jobs?

- Of course.

They are very happy to come here and run their business, as long as they do it with decent methods.

Do you think that will be the case?

- We have to make sure that it happens.

Rejects claims

Behind the LO base's harsh words about ambulances that go in shuttle traffic is a union report from UNI Global Union which describes that ambulances were allowed to go to an Amazon warehouse 600 times during a three-year period.

However, Amazon claims that the allegations are false.

"This is nothing but old tired accusations.

They were fake then and are fake now.

For those who want to work in the logistics industry, Amazon is one of the best places to be, "writes Amazon's press service, in an email to SVT.

The company replies that Amazon employees can go to the toilet when they need to and points out that the company's staff in Germany have longer breaks than required by law.