About 1,000 cubic meters, ie one million liters, of polluted water have leaked into Nissan between mid-July and early August.

The emission comes from Kristinehed's waste facility and the fault is based on an electrical filter, which purifies flue gases, breaking down, Hallandsposten reports.

This led to process water with high metal contents leaking into Nissan.

Process water is formed when waste is burned.

Halmstad Energy and Environment knew that the filter was faulty.

Usually when an electric filter breaks down, it usually leads to chimney emissions.

But this time the discharge went into the water.

Something that was completely unexpected, according to Anders Bredfell, communications manager at Halmstads Energi och Miljö.

- As soon as we discovered this, we stopped the boiler and reported ourselves to the county administrative board.

In terms of water, it is one million liters, but this is over a month.

We do not want to deny that we have made a mistake, but at the same time there are no gigantic emissions.

It's 1000 cubic meters of water, but it's not 1000 cubic meters of heavy metals, it's mixed with water.

How do you proceed now? 

- We take responsibility for this and ensure that it is not repeated.

Then we think it's embarrassing.

We are still an environmental company.

It is clear that confidence may fall for us, even though we really do our best, Anders Bredfell answers.

At the plant, the water is now recycled so that it does not continue to flow into Nissan.

Some polluted water has also been sent to Kumla by truck to be destroyed.

The County Administrative Board of Halland will now investigate the consequences of this for the environment. 

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