Erika Helin, who popped out of the Miss Finland competition, realized one of her biggest dreams this week when she moved out of Finland after a long reflection.

Helin now lives in Malta,

Now Helin, 26, has published the first pictures of her new homeland with her own personal Instagram account.

In the latest shot, Helin poses in a beach scenery wearing a bright yellow bikini.

In connection with the picture, Helin has written the text “Beach found”.

A few days ago, Helin told her Instagram account about her mood after the move.

Helin has a shared apartment in Malta with her friend Eevi Ihalainen, who is the first heritage princess of the Miss Finland competition from 2018. Helin was also one of the finalists of the competition that year.

- First day in Malta: Moved by taxi.

There is left-hand traffic here, so I already meant to go in through the driver's door once.

A rental guide was written and the first month's rent and bills were paid in cash.

All the goods were unloaded at once and then a walking tour of the surrounding area was made, Helin told Instagramis recently.

- I do not really understand yet, that I am here and see what happens.

Doesn’t feel any the same (of course) when going on a beach vacation.

Now I should create a new life from scratch and come up with what my daily life is like here.

At least this morning I go to explore the jogging routes (and mark the location of the apartment on the map before I leave), he continued.

Unlike Helin, Ihalainen has lived in Malta for almost a year.

On his day of moving, Helin said on his own Instagram account that he was inspired by Ihalainen's decision to move out of Finland and that he had already sworn at that time that he would sometimes move to the country after Ihalainen.

- Hello!

I am now leaving for Malta and I have not bought a return ticket.

I move to a common home with Eevi Ihalainen.

The to-do list includes studies, sometime, and enjoying life.

Ever since Eve left a year ago, the hill has said I will follow.

There is no joke about these things, Helin wrote on Instagram before boarding the plane.

- This summer I informed the boss you don't have to go now.

That's all!!!

Staying connected and seeing again when it is safe to travel, he continued.

Although Helin has had enough demand in the model market for the past two years, to this day she has stuck to her day job in the IT industry.

However, already in June, Helin told Ilta-Sanomat that she hoped that in the future she could give up her current wash and support herself entirely through modeling.

- Yes, I wish I could go around the world for a year and resign from that day job.

Just make descriptions and travel, Helin pondered at the time.

Erika Helin originally went public in 2015 when she participated in the Paradise Hotel reality TV show.

Three years later, Helin competed for the Miss Finnish crown, but was left out of the prize places at that time.

In addition to modeling, Erika Helin has held on to her day job in the IT field. Photo: Terhi Ylimäinen

Last year, Helin, for her part, realized one of her biggest dreams when she got to pose for the Portuguese Playboy magazine.

Also this summer, Helin's life has had enough buzz on the work front, as she has participated in the cover photo competition of the legendary Maxim men's magazine, among other things, and started trading her pictures on the bold Only Fans website.