- We think it's great fun.

I think that the whole Amazon will get more attention, and in that way I also think that we will have a greater chance of being seen, says Jonas Carlsson, CEO of the company The Friendly Swede. 

They sell everything from bathing caps to pens to customers around the world online, with Amazon as their primary platform. 

- Amazon is the reason why we have a company at all.

For us, it has been absolutely crucial, we have had it as our only platform until recently.

Reach international customers

The Swedish lingerie company Miss Mary also welcomes the launch.

They were founded in 1957 and in recent years have begun to reach more and more international customers by selling their products via German Amazon. 

- We're looking forward to it.

You can already shop from Amazon in Sweden, but it will be easier and more accessible.

For us, it opens up the opportunity to meet new customers in the Swedish market, says CEO Elisabet Sandström.

She knows that Amazon has been criticized for poor working conditions for employees, but hopes that the launch in Sweden will give Swedish companies an opportunity to influence how Amazon's operations should look like here.

Investing in own platforms

Until last year, the company Rapunzel of Sweden, which sells hair extensions to customers in over 70 countries, used Amazon's German website to sell its products, but ended the collaboration to invest more in its own platforms.

However, a Swedish website could make them return to Amazon, says Tove Virding, communications manager at the company

But it is far from everyone who plans to sell their products on Swedish Amazon.

Several of the companies that SVT spoke to, who already sell their products on Amazon abroad, say that they prefer to invest in their own platforms in Sweden, and that they are unsure of how much interest there will actually be among Swedish consumers.