Belarus Large-scale protests calling for President to retire September 7, 5:10

In Belarus, where tensions continue after the presidential election, a large-scale protest took place on the 6th, calling for the retirement of President Lukashenko.

The rebels want to expand their protests and retire, but Lukashenko refuses to talk with Russia as his backing, and the situation cannot be resolved.

In Belarus, protests against the election of President Lukashenko in the presidential election in August continued, and it took place on 6th in various places.

Among them, in the capital city of Minsk, more than 100,000 citizens marched in the center in search of the retirement of President Lukashenko and the release of those detained.

Citizens finally went to the presidential mansion, but security forces hampered the deployment of armored vehicles.

According to the media, the security forces were being strengthened, including some members who did not have a badge to indicate their affiliation.

In addition, the Belarusian Ministry of Home Affairs has allegedly detained more than 100 participants in protests.

As an anti-government group, we would like to increase pressure by expanding protests, to start a dialogue with President Lukashenko, and to retire.

However, President Lukashenko refused the dialogue by intensifying the move toward Russia as a backing, and the situation cannot be predicted.