The September funfair in Nantes 2020 edition -

J. Urbach / 20 Minutes

  • In Nantes, a “fairly strict health protocol” has been established for the holding of the funfair.

  • If the mask is mandatory to enter, then difficult to follow all the instructions to the letter.

Even through the mask, a sweet smell comes to tickle our nostrils.

Since this weekend, no doubt, the traditional funfair is back for a month on the cours Saint-Pierre and Saint-André in Nantes.

Threatened because of the Covid, the event (canceled in the spring) and its 84 fairgrounds were finally allowed to settle on the condition that a “fairly strict health protocol” is observed.

But can we really have fun while respecting barrier gestures?

This Sunday, in front of one of the two entrances to the fair, they are in any case very numerous to have come and many display a smile (on their eyes).

Most wear their masks, essential to enter and circulate on the site, this year framed by barriers and security guards.

“Even with that, people come, they have fun, they need it,” observes Thyrone, a showman.

Life, especially after confinement, is not to stay cloistered at home!

"" In terms of attendance, it starts very well, we congratulate ourselves at the Tontons flingueurs shooting range.

And people play the game, 90% of the time.


The September funfair in Nantes 2020 edition - J. Urbach / 20 Minutes

Nose sticking out, mask in the neck

It must be said that once the entry control has passed, we can relax a bit.

To eat a waffle or smoke a cigarette, it's allowed.

But for the others, despite their regular rounds, it was impossible for the security guards to call everyone to order.

In front of a "machine pushing coins", a young man seems so full that he forgets to pull in his protruding nose.

A little further on, it is a fairground who gives voice in her microphone, a fabric mask wedged in the neck.

Elsewhere, dozens of people congregate, and without always disinfecting their hands, to throw magnetic discs and try to win the jackpot ...

Romane, she has just been pinned.

With a small gesture, a security guard asks him to replace his white mask correctly.

"I've been here for 15 minutes and I'm already having trouble breathing, plague the high school student.

We're outside, I don't see why we should wear it!


A stone's throw away, Thais and Mia descend from the Break Dance, a thrill ride, their faces uncovered.

"We said to ourselves that we were going to need some air and that it would prevent us from screaming so we didn't put it on, admit the two teenagers.

It was great, but already without the mask, you feel like throwing up ... "

The September funfair in Nantes 2020 edition - J. Urbach / 20 Minutes

Rifles and fishing rods to be cleaned

If, contrary to what had been announced, there is no imposed direction of circulation, the fairgrounds have also had to change their practices.

In particular to regularly clean the steering wheels of bumper cars, rifles or children's fishing rods.

However, like their customers, they already seem to have abandoned the rule of the meter of distance in the queues, even if some signs remind us of it.

"We are not going to be the gendarmes," observes a couple in their cabin.

We follow the protocol: we entered the merry-go-round on one side and exited on the other, the plastic tickets were replaced by cardboard, we provide hydroalcoholic gel… People come to have fun , we are not going to stop the merry-go-round in the middle of the tour because a customer has removed his mask.

For its part, the prefecture warned that police checks will take place throughout the event.


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