Announcement of the election of representatives of the Ritsumin and the New People's Union

Representatives of the new parties, including the Constitutional Democratic Party and the National Democratic Party, have been announced on the 7th, and two representatives, the Representative of the Constitutional Democratic Party and the President of the National Democratic Party Izumi, are planning to run.

It is expected that discussions will be exchanged over the way the party should be managed, etc., toward the vote on 10th this week.

The representative election of the confluent new party will be accepted by the National Assembly from 10 am on the 7th, and the representative of the Constitutional Democratic Party, Mr. Edano, and the National Democratic Party's chairman, Izumi, will be running.

Mr. Edano told reporters on the 6th, "If I can represent the new party, I would like to establish a system where women, middle-ranked workers, young workers, and veterans can play active roles."

In response, Mr. Izumi said, "I want to listen to the voices of the region and fight for an executive department that can create a well-organized organization."

In the election campaign, joint press conferences and debates will be held, and discussions will be held over the way of party management in anticipation of the next House of Representatives election and economic measures that have spread the outbreak of the new coronavirus. It is a prospect.

There is also a vote to decide the name of the new party in line with the representative election, and Mr. Edano proposes "Constitutional Democratic Party" and Mr. Izumi proposes "Democratic Party".

The representative election is scheduled three days later this week, with 149 parliamentarians participating in the new party voting to elect a new representative.