Because of a dispute over the date of his departure for his country

An Asian smashes his manager's head in an auto workshop

The Dubai Criminal Court has begun the trial of a visitor of the nationality of an Asian country, on charges of killing his manager in an auto repair shop, as he smashed his head with a hammer and stabbed him with a knife several times, because he was not allowed to leave the country.

A Dubai police witness said that a report was received about a murder in a workshop in Al Quoz Industrial Area, and by moving to the site, the victim was seen soaked in blood, torn from the neck and shattered in the face, and a medium-sized knife was found in the place, its blade was broken and stained with blood, in addition to Iron hammer.

He added that by asking the workers in the workshop, they reported that they left for 20 minutes to buy some items, and upon their return they were surprised that its door was closed from the inside, so they entered through a back door, and went to the victim's office, and were shocked when they saw him soaked in blood, and they suspected the accused, being the only one Who was not in the workshop when they returned.

Upon the follow-up of the report, reliable information was received about his presence near the consulate of his country, asking for help to leave the country, so he was caught outside, and he voluntarily admitted that he had committed the incident as a result of disagreements with the victim.

The accused stated that a dispute occurred between them on the day of the incident, when he wanted to return to his home, and he asked the victim to book a return ticket, and they disagreed over the date of return, which led to a verbal altercation between them, and the dead man asked him to leave the place, and he felt humiliated and humiliated - as he said - He lost his temper, closed the door of the workshop from the inside, took a knife and went to the victim and slaughtered him with it, and when he felt that he had not breathed his last, he took a hammer in the office and put it on his face until he smashed his head and died, so he fled the workshop and went to Dubai airport to leave, but he returned He went to a mosque in the Al Quoz region to stay there, then went to his country's consulate later.

For his part, the owner of the workshop that witnessed the crime, in the investigations of the Public Prosecution, said that the accused had previously threatened the victim, by telling him earlier that he would be punished before he was deported to his country, which reflected his intention to harm him.

While another witness working in the workshop confirmed that the accused had planned to kill the victim, as he played the music loudly in the place, and that the knife he used in the crime was not one of the tools of the workshop, and it was found that the accused brought it with another knife that was in the residence of the workers of the workshop, In addition, the killer asked him earlier about the points covered by the surveillance cameras inside the workshop, and whether they were working or not.

Out of the state

A worker at the workshop confirmed in the Public Prosecution's investigations that the accused covered the body of the victim with a plastic bag, and previously asked more than once about how to exit by land from the state, and he was also investigating where the CCTV recordings were stored in the workshop.

• A bloodied knife and an iron hammer were found at the scene of the crime.

• The accused planned to kill the victim and played music loudly around the place


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